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Stravaganza is an extremely exciting video poker, that is extremely well designed, and it also includes a new and exciting progressive jackpot feature that incentives players to keep playing the game. Stravaganza’s name suggests extravagance and a larger than life quality, and the game does not disappoint. It is played on a grand scale, using 5 decks of cards, and most versions offers those gigantic jackpots that players love so much – progressives. The object of the game is to put together a hand of cards that has a higher point value than the dealer’s does. Stravagenza is the most exciting game in the world of online gaming today. Players are sure to enjoy this wonderful game.


The basic goal of Stravaganza is quite similar to blackjack. The biggest difference is that there is no limit on how many points you can score. Therefore, you cannot go bust. Once the bet has been made, two cards are dealt out to the player, with the house having three face down cards in their hand. Players must then make a decision, based on the cards that they have.

The first decision is to claim your money back. You may only do this if you have a point’s total of 5 or less. You may decide to rescue your bet, instead. When you do this, you are claiming half of your bet back, but this is only possible with a hand that is worth between 6 and 9 points. This is similar to the Surrender Rule in some blackjack games.

You may choose to sit. When you do this, you are sticking with your two card hand, and the bet will not be adjusted. 스포츠토토티비 This can only be done with a hand of 10 points or more. If you decide to play on, you will be given a third card to add to your hand. If a player does take a third card, they must place an additional bet on the table, which is equal to their original ante bet. Sometimes, it isn’t always advantageous to take the third card.

After everybody has made their move, the hands are compared. The hand with the highest points total will win the game. If there is a tied score, the bets are pushed and wagers are returned to players.

History Of Stravaganza

Stravaganza might not have the long and illustrious history of some card games, but it’s not as new as you might think. It was developed by gaming company Playtech around 1999 to offer an alternative to the traditional card games of blackjack and poker. It was designed to go straight into the virtual casinos so online Stravaganza is pretty much the original version and the Stravaganza game rules are uniform whichever site you choose to play it on.

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