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Indian Creek 5th Grade Newsletter: Week of April 4th-8th

Spring Parent-Teacher Conference Time!!

Spring has sprung, and it is now time for Parent-Teacher Conferences! Please see the links below to set up conferences with your student's teachers. If you do not see a time that works for you, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Mrs. Horne and Mrs. Purvis: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0f4aafab4-20152016

Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Legg and Mrs. Vitosh: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c44ada72ea3fb6-spring

PTA Book Club!

Hello parents!

Indian Creek Elementary is offering an awesome opportunity for you to participate in our first annual book study club! Please join in our discussion on May 5th as we will be reading The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey. At our group discussion, free refreshments and pastries will be served.

Rather borrow the book? No problem! For those who would like to participate, we are making it easy for you to get involved by offering this book through our school library. You may check out a book using your student's name. Please see Ms. Robin Russell to obtain your copy or send a note with your child to check out the book.

To make it even more hassle-free, we will also be offering complimentary childcare, if it is needed. Please sign up on the link below so that we can find out which meeting time would be best for you and if you will be needing childcare. We hope to see you there!

​Indian Creek Elementary Book Club Sign-Up Link​


Amber Taylor
VP Programs
Indian Creek PTA

Tutoring UPDATE!

  • STAAR Tutoring will resume next week!
  • Monday - Math
  • Tuesday - Reading
  • Wednesday - Science

iPads at School and Ready To Go

iPads are the student's responsibility and the school expectation is that students bring fully charged iPads to school every day. We are having students forget their iPads at home or forgetting to bring them to school charged. When students do not have their iPads at school ready to learn, it has a negative impact on their education, as we use them frequently for learning. Please make sure your student has a designated place to charge their iPad each night and that they bring their charger to school so they are able to charge their technology when the need arises. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Classroom Supply Needs - UPDATE!


We are at a time of year where student supplies are starting to run low. We would greatly appreciate it (if you are able to) if you could send any of the below items to school with your child. Thank you so much for your continuing support!

- Pencils

- hand sanitizer

- cleaning wipes, such as clorox or generic brand.

- EARBUDS! Because we use technology throughout the day, it is important for each student to have their own set of earbuds. They do not need to be expensive, they even have the at the Dollar Tree for $1 per pair. We do not have earphones for them and they are unable to share with their friends.

Important Dates to Remember!

Wednesday, May 11 - Science STAAR

Friday, April 22 - No School

What We Are Learning this Week:

  • We will start, "Creating a Personal Budget" unit this week.


  • We will focus on myths and describing the phenomena explained in various origin myths from various cultures.
  • We will also apply what we have learned about complete subjects and predicates and create sentences using our new spelling words.
  • We will continue to determine the meaning of affix words, with our new spelling list containing various affix words that follow the pattern of -er, -est, -ier, -iest.


  • Interdependency and Adaptations are the topics we will cover this week.
  • We will begin planning our Science "Boot Camp" reviewing all of the objectives leading up to Science STAAR on May 11th.

Social Studies:

  • We will begin a unit over the Declaration of Independence. We have examined various arguments for and against declaring independence and now we are going to look at the main ideas expressed with the Declaration. The essential question we will use for our focus is, "What are the main ideas in the Declaration of Independence?"

"Save Most of Your Words for Happy Times"

By Jim Fay

What's the best way to make an otherwise effective technique backfire? It's simple: Talk too much.

In the store, I recently witnessed an unusually upset toddler whining to his mother about how "mean" she was and how badly he "needed" the toy she was telling him to put back on the shelf. This well-meaning mother quickly jumped into "psychotherapy mode" by listing all of the reasons why her three-year-old didn't need the toy, how it might put his eye out, how he might get one next year, why he shouldn’t be so upset, how sorry she was that he couldn't have it, that money doesn't grow on trees, etc.

There they were…both of them…on their knees.

While well meaning, this mother was actually feeding the fire by talking way too much! There exists a basic rule about doing discipline with kids of all ages:

The more words we use when our kids are acting up,

the LESS effective we become.

Save most of your words for happy times. Learn more about this technique and more in our audio, Four Steps to Responsibility.

Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.

Dr. Charles Fay

To learn more tips for raising respectful, responsible kids, watch our DVD, How to Discipline Kids without Losing Their Love and Respect.

Indian Creek PTA!

Please be sure to check out our wonderful PTA's website. This website is full of everything you would want to know regarding our PTA and any events going on here at Indian Creek.


Resources to Use:


Access the math textbooks online by first going to www.lisd.net.

Go to the "Resources" tab and click on "for Students."

Once there, click on "Digital Resources."

On the right side of the page is a button that says "Pearson Realize."

The log-in is the same as your student's district log-in.

Social Studies:

The Social Studies Alive curriculum is entirely online. Here is how your student can access the information from home:

website: www.teachtci.com (and select 'student')

username: last name, 1st initial

password: ID # (numbers only)

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From left to right: Mrs. Vitosh, Mrs. Horne, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Purvis, Ms. Legg


In an effort to connect more with technology and to interact with our community in a different way, ICE teachers are taking to Twitter! Be sure to follow your favorite teachers to see and get updates on what is being done in the classroom/school!

Mrs. Brown - @MrsBrowngrade5

Mrs. Horne - @fearlessin5th

Ms. Legg - @leggn1

Mrs. Purvis - @fifthisfun

Mrs. Vitosh - @AmyVitosh

Fifth Grade Team - @5thicefalcons

Indian Creek - @IndianCreekES

Teacher E-mail Addresses

Mrs. Brown - brownek@lisd.net

Mrs. Horne - hornej@lisd.net

Ms. Legg - leggn@lisd.net

Mrs. Purvis - purvisad@lisd.net

Mrs. Vitosh - vitosha@lisd.net