Enders Game and Hitler Youth

By: Karah Joyner


In Hitler Youth and Enders Game they both used children that were chosen to fight in war. They were looking for strong, independent children that could lead others in battle. During the battle, both of the wars destroyed a whole colony/race/religion in just one battle. Hitler and Graff both tricked their armies into killing the "enemy" to get what they wanted.

Hitlers Youth Differences

Instead of being nice, Hitler made the children go to war. The way he informed them that they were going to war was through a letter stating that when they started training. If you were a commander or leader from the start, thats what you stayed, you never moved up in war. When the war was over, Hitler decided to commit suicide so he wouldn't get caught for creating this mass destruction because he didn't care about all the families he hurt. he never wanted the Jews to form again. everyone thought they were horrible people because of this big lie Hitler told.

Enders Game Differences

Instead of forcing children to go fight the "enemy," Graff went to their house and asked them for their help and if they wanted to fight then they would be permitted to go into space for training. There are many different levels of achievement, such as the launchie, soldier, commander, and leader. When they wiped out the entire species, Ender was willing to help the queen of the buggers create a new colony somewhere where the humans couldn't find them, and thats what he promised.


In the end, the two stories have more differences than similarities. However, the stuff they did have in common were worse things than you could imagine.