How to make a Mel-Con


What does Mel-Con stand for?

Mel- Con stand for the main idea, which is the main idea of the book or text you are reading and writing about. Then, The E stands for evidence. Evidence is why you think that is the main idea of the text. The L stands for link. A link is something you took right out of the passage that supports your main idea. Lastly, the Con stands for the conclusion. This is where you wrap up what you just wrote and restate what you think the main idea is.

Why write a mel-con?

Mel-Cons help me get my thoughts together. When I am reading a book, I normally read really fast and don't really think. Mel-Cons help me think while I read and after I read I would write a Mel-Con to

Some things you can write a Mel-Con about:

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