Heading Out Into the Community

January 13, 2015

Hello Community!

We are excited to begin our community outings! Our class will continue building our peer interaction skills through our community outings, work on communication skills, student confidence and self advocacy skills as students interact with people in the community. During our outings, we will practice and generalize skills learned in our classroom. Students will be given vocational assignments during our trips such as identifying and locating items in the store, create shopping lists and make purchases. Below are the places we will be visiting for the month of January and February. Although it is encouraged but not required, students may bring money with them if they wish to purchase a personal item while at the store.

The Fresh Market

Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 1pm

2170 West Bayshore Road

Palo Alto, CA

Piazzas Fine Food

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, 1pm

3922 Middlefield Road

Palo Alto, CA

Mollie Stones

Tuesday, Feb. 10th, 1pm

164 California Avenue

Palo Alto, CA


Tuesday, Feb. 17th, 1pm

555 Showers Drive

Mountain View, CA

In-N-Out Burger

Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 1pm

1159 North Rengstorff Avenue

Mountain View, CA