Let's make it RAIN April bookings!

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April showers bring BOOKING POWER!

Spring is here! We had an incredible start to the year and are ready to rock Q2. The summer line is about to launch and and so many of you have earned your STYLE FIX COUPON and are going to be SHOWERED with new product to show off!

So - Let's turn those April showers into booking power!

I'm running a FUN INCENTIVE for the next 5 days to give you energy and momentum to fill in all the open spaces of your April trunk show calendar. The action is going to go down on the Glowing Stones FB page so head there to post all your NEW shows under the pinned post at the top of the page!

Some of you already have full and robust trunk show calendars for the month...but I bet we can all book at least one more! Look at the holes in your schedule and see where you can fit something in!

What's in it for you? (besides an incredible month, an Extraordinary bracelet AND tons of commissions on your little blue card?!)

PRIZES! Here's how it works:

  • Get a raffle entry for any NEW in home shows booked from NOW until Friday, April 8th at midnight for new April shows ONLY
  • Every 10 shows booked; a PRIZE will be raffled
  • This will happen 5 times until we book 50 new April shows as a team!
  • All new shows need to qualify at 4 orders and $500 in sales to WIN the prize
  • This STARTS NOW!! Comment on the pinned post on our Facebook page... List ALL new SHOW DATES and HOSTESS NAMES for April.

Stay tuned on our Glowing Stones FB page for ideas and words to say to BOOK!!


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Personal Reach out - let's do it!

So we know we all WANT more trunk shows - but WE are the ones who have to TAKE ACTION and get them on our calendar! It's all about personal reach out - keeping it simple, fun, casual, and about the hostess!

1. WHO??? Make a list of gals you want to reach out to - Who are your dream hostesses? Who are some customers you can follow up with? Who are some gals who you could introduce Stella & Dot to? Who might want to be a repeat hostess? Who do YOU just want to hang out with?

2. WHY??? Warm them up - reach out individually to them with a message about WHY you think a trunk show would be fun for THEM (Do they love style for a steal? Do they love any excuse to get together with their girlfriends? Are they new in the area and want to meet friends? Are they super busy and deserve time for themselves? Did they just renovate and want to show off their house? Are they always wanting to be ahead of the trends and looking good? Are they NOT a jewelry person - and this might be a fun way to start building an accessories wardrobe for free? Are they raising money for something and this might be a great way to give back in style?

3. HOW??? Send a text - Send a FB msg - Pick up the phone and call them! It's all about personal reach out - and following up 1, 2, maybe even THREE times within a week or so… You are not bugging them, you are keeping it fun and fresh and being positive, peppy and persistent bc you are offering them a super fun time with friends and you want to keep this idea "front of mind" for them!

I always love to offer TWO dates and a FUN theme to show her how

simple and fun it can be. Be sure to include one or two fab pics too!! We <3 visuals! My current favorites:

Sip and Sparkle for a Cause (Autism Awareness)

Bling into Spring!

Baubles, Bags, and Bubbly in the Backyard

Get Pretty for the Prom!

Sangria & Style

Margaritas & Must Haves

Spring Style Makes Me Happy Hour

Wine, Cheese, and Summer Style Please!

Cocktails, Cupcakes, & Couture


Friend who loves style for a steal:

Hi Cara! The warm weather is (almost) here! With fun trips, outdoor soccer leagues, and BBQs around the corner, let’s refresh your wardrobe with new sunnies and jewels for free! Dying to spoil YOU with hostess rewards!!! I mean - who wouldn't love a $250 shopping spree with Stella & Dot?!?!? I would love to have you debut the new collection with your friends. How’s April 12th or 16th ?

For a customer:

Hi Tina,

The minute I saw _____, I thought of you! How perfect would it look with the _____ you got at ___'s trunk show? We had such a blast and I would LOVE to hang out again… You and your girlfriends would have a blast sipping in style together. I have April 8th or the 12th for Mimosas and Must haves from 1 -3 pm open - what’s best for you? I will call you tomorrow to chat!


Someone new to SD:

Hey Girlie! It's no secret the new collection from Stella & Dot is insanely irresistible! I know you have never been to a trunk show before….but I would love to pencil in you in for April smile emoticon I know you would totally rock wearing the _______ So YOU!!! We can do a little "Margaritas and Must Haves from 7 - 9pm" Your friends and family will thank you!! We have amazing exclusive offers this month that your friends/family can take advantage of -- check it out ! (insert TSEO pic). Plus..take a peek at the new line coming April 7th!!!

I have April 3rd or April 5th open. Which date is better for you?

Someone you already reached out to and never heard back from:

Hi Alice! I am super excited that our Summer Line is launching at the beginning of April. It is the perfect time to get some girlfriends together to get ready of the sun. I wanted to circle back to see if we could do that together... your friends and family will LOVE it! I have 4/15 and 4/17 available. Which might work for you to earn some Hostess Rewards and get some of these looks for free? Let me know either way - I would LOVE to hang out with you again, but will take you off my reach out list if you aren't up for sipping in style with your friends right now.

Oh - and by the way - two events to put on your calendar! Bring guests along too!

Meet Jessica Herrin in Baltimore on Wednesday 4/6!

Wednesday, April 6th, 6pm

700 Aliceanna Street

Baltimore, MD

Summer Line Launch & Training!

Tuesday, April 12th, 6:30pm

660 Boulton Street

Bel Air, MD