1961 - 1997

31st of August, 1997

On the 31st of August, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales (otherwise known as Princess Diana) suffered fatal injuries in a car accident in Paris, France and died later that day. In light of the event, newspapers and magazines all over the world have decided to remember Diana's heroic actions and remind the public what an amazing person she was.

What Made Her A Hero?

Diana was constantly taking part in charity functions, including helping out at hospitals or visiting people with disabilities. She was constantly supporting anything and anyone that she felt could benefit from her support, whether a charity, person or cause. She used her position as the Princess of Wales to bring international awareness to these things and it could be argued she was unprecedentedly successful in what she aimed to do.
It could certainly be argued that Diana was a hero for England and the Royal Family. For most western countries and those of the British Commonwealth, such as England, Canada and Australia, she would have been seen as a hero because of how kind she was to people and how she used her position to bring attention to the disadvantaged.
Princess Diana's Charity Work
Lucy Mills, 9History2
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