Top 5 Mobile Apps in Education

How They're Changing K-12 Education


This tool is one of, if not, the most effective and collaborative tools out there right now! Edmodo takes the classroom to another level by connecting on a broader level. Bringing parents, students, teachers, and even administration together, Edmodo allows for collaboration on a whole other level. Teachers are able to post class materials, important dates, and reminders for students so that they have access to all resources from home.


Taking over children's phones, Instagram is one of the most used applications around the world. Similarly to Twitter, Instagram is ideal for promoting events in and around the school community. Unlike Twitter, Instagram highlights photos and visual aids to communicate, accompanied by captions. This is a great way to engage students to participate in appropriate online discussion regarding school-based activities and events.

Google Classroom

Similar to Edmodo, Google Classroom is an interactive and online forum that students join, using a code, and can receive updates or notices, class materials, and have conversations with others in the same class. This is a fantastic way to engage students, specifically in grades 7-12, mainly because of the requirement to respond to due dates that might be set by teachers. It is easier for an older student to manage and respond to class requirements that are online.


This application is one that can be used within the school context for various reasons. In the classroom, teachers can create an account and have students follow them for reminders regarding assessment dates. Alternatively, administrators might choose to create a Twitter account for the school. This can act as a tool for promoting events that might be occurring in the community or right in the school!


Ted Talks are a fabulous way to intrigue students in high schools, al around the world. And you might think to yourself, "But wait! Some Ted Talks might not even have anything to do with curriculum." You're not wrong; not all Ted Talks are directly related to curriculum. However as 21st Century education continues to grow, Ted Talks specifically, are an excellent way to grab the interest of students in a way other than reading the textbook with a fun fact at the bottom of the page. Ted Talks speak to so many different genres and concepts, students are always able to learn and grow from the information they'll attain while watching and responding to to a Ted Talk.

Technology In Education

Technology in Education