By Brookie Parsons

Quebec City

Quebec City is the Capital city in Quebec. Quebec City is in the southern part of Quebec. Quebec City is one of 14 capital cities in Canada. Quebec City is located beside St Lawrence River. The land around Quebec City has farms. The government of Quebec meets in the parliament building in Quebec City. The old part of Quebec City has a wall around it. The walls were built to protect the city from an attack. Quebec City is the only city with an wall. Quebec City also has a upper and a lower town. You can get up to the Upper town or, you can get lower to the lower part of town. The lower part of the town is located is beside St Lawrence River. Quebec City is the home of about 617 900 Canadians. Quebec City is the 4th largest capital city in Canada. Most of Quebec City's people speak french. Quebec City is home to about 2600 Aboriginal people. Many people around the world come to visit Quebec City. Quebec City has a National Battlefields Park. National Battlefields Park is the place where a battle between the British and the French was fought in 1759. The National Battlefields Park is also called " Plains of Abraham." Quebec City has a famous Hotel. The Hotel is called" Chateau Frontenac." The Chateau Frontenac looks like an large castle. Quebec City has very classic, fancy, and beautiful buildings, stores, and theaters. Quebec City has horse -drawn carriages called " Caleches." Quebec City is famous for the Winter Carnival. Quebec City has the Winter Carnival every year. The Quebec Winter Carnival has a mascot called " Bonhomme Carnival." The Quebec Winter Carnival lasts for 10 days. The Winter Carnival is mostly about entertainment. It has parades,dances,winter games, and a ice palace building. Quebec City became a City in 1832.

Quebec's Provincial Bird, Flower, and Flag


Quebec is the largest province in Canada. The largest City in Quebec is Montreal. Quebec is an French speaking province. The word "Quebec" came from the Algonquin word " Kepek" meaning "the place where the river narrows." The Quebec's Motto " Je me Souvines" which is French for " I remember." You can get this Picture on google.

Mostly Quebec's people eat this food

This food is called "Poutine". A Poutine is mostly French fries topped with cheese cruds and gravy. Poutine is a Canadian, originating in the province of Quebec. Poutine is a very French food.