The connection of countries world wide.

Globalization is the way the United States trades and receives products from other countries. The world is is a huge marketplace. Consumers are buying different types of goods that are coming from all over the world. Without globalization, many people would not own the stuff they do. Even though you may not realize, almost everything you own went through a very long process to become the final product and bought by you. Globalization affects me because everything I wear is not made where I live. If globalization did not exist, I would not own the clothes I own. Everything that comes to me is most likely made in a country where all they are trying to do is have jobs and make a profit. Globalization is an opportunity.

Pros & Cons

Even though Globalization is mainly how everything we need gets to us, some people do not think it is a good thing. Behind every item, there is a long story. People in non wealthy countries put a lot of hard work, dedication and time into making things for us. Globalization might not be a good thing because it is taking jobs away from the U.S. Although this is an opportunity for the people in need of money make it, they are not getting nearly as much as they should and they are also not getting the credit that they should because the company gets the profit. However, globalization is a way for us to connect with other countries and a way to work together.


There are many different reasons on why people live where they do. Some people enjoy living in areas where there is different climates. Some people also live in different areas where there is different physical features. This is because physical features can be used for natural resources and entertainment.
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The Life of a Nike Shoe

Environment- The Nike shoe is affecting the environment because there is so much cotton being picked to create part of the shoe and because we need to grow so much cotton, the seeds are starting to become genetically modified. Also, Nike is a very large cooperation and their factories are polluting the air due to the smog.

Technology- Since so many Nike brand shoes are being made everyday, there is no way only people are just putting them together, this means there are many machines that put the shoe together. This piece of technology is taking away jobs from the people.

Cultural- Nike is the most popular shoe in the United States. This is part of the culture because everybody wears them and the people in other countries have to put it a lot of work to make them for us because that is their culture.

Economics- This is where a lot of problems come into hand. The people that are making the shoes in poverty countries put in all their hard work but hardly get any pay. The businesses make almost all of the profit when all they do is sell the product.

Solution to Economics

Economics is the toughest problem, but the easiest to solve. The company and the people who make the shoe in the third world countries should each get an even pay. This way, the business will still make plenty of money due to all the customers and the non wealthy people will have an opportunity to make more money and live a better life. If the pay is split equally, the poverty countries won't be in such debt and they will actually be able to have a family to care for. As this goes on, the more money the poor countries get, the less poor they become. Since they are going to be less poor, we will make more money once again because won't have to pay as much people. Money is the number one problem but if you take care of it the right way, all problems would be solved.