Leaders Lighting the Way, January/February 2016

We LOVE to Lead!

Sharpening the Saw in Winter

by Brynlie

Me and my sister were getting ready for bed and we kissed our mom and dad good night. When we woke up we saw snow!

I Am Proactive at School

by Nevaeh

I am proactive when the teacher tells us to line up to go in the school building because I do not put my hand on people. I am proactive when there is a fire drill. I be silent in line.

If I Could Spend a Day with MLK, Jr.

by Ja'niyah

If I could spend a day with Martin Luther King, Jr., I would thank him for the speech. If he didn't make that speech, all the people in the world would not be together right now. We would not be in the same class and not be drinking out of the same water fountain. We would not be riding the same bus and we would not be allowed to play together. That's why I would thank Martin Luther King, Jr. Now, white people can be with black people.

I Am a Leader by Miles

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The Best Habit

by Kahle

The best habit is habit 6. Habit 6 is the best because when you synergize together you can get the job done. Also when you synergize, it is more fun than being by yourself. I use the habit by helping others at school. Habit 6 helps me when in groups. When I use all of the habits they help me be successful. I think that synergize is the best habit of all. You should like habit 6!