Sports place for this community

Before and after the renew of the school stadium

Kansas City need some places as the old school stadium where before they fix the stadium grass and track area, some neighbors and friends were going to run and play soccer almost everyday I know this because I just to go almost everyday with my family during the summer. During soccer season we have the place to play and practice but after soccer season the field is empty, no guys playing around.

What are the problems to play soccer where you shouldn't play?

These photos are the evidence the community need a little place play so everyone can go play soccer, for a walk or for run after school, work or weekend in these you can see these guys maybe can get into problems as hitting a car with the ball some people don't like the their cars get hit, other people don't like their neighbors pass thing s into their property and for last photo my brother is in dangerous to get hit by a car.
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Eduardo Flandez

Everyone can do exercise and be healthy.