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AP Biology, Martin -2, 09/08/15


Does ethnicity have a relationship with the academic workload of students?


Asians will have more academic work load than whites

Type of Investigation : Comparative

Parts of the Experiment

Independent Variable - The ethnicity

Dependent Variable - The academic workload

Subjects - 11th and 12th graders

Controls - None

Constants - None

Manipulated Data

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According to the data we collected, our hypothesis was true. Because, the average number of AP and HONORS courses taken by whites is less than that of Asians. And the Standard Error graph shows that there's no overlap between the two error bars which indicates that there is a significant change in data.

Sources of Errors

  • Our experiment has taken into consideration a relatively small population which might not be the most representative data
  • Since this is a voluntary response survey and there is always a place bias with voluntary response sample type
  • Since our calculations are not the most accurate there is, there is always a room for error in the calculations of manipulated data


The experiment reached the conclusion that Asians do have more academic workload than whites in 11th and 12th graders at Coppell High School. We have collected data from 20 asians and 20 whites to find out how many AP and HONORS courses they were taking and the average number of AP and HONORS that Asians were taking was higher than that of white - Asians 4.8 and Whites 3.0. Therefore, Asians tend to have more academic workload than whites because of GPA reasons and College Credits incentives. A research group of Harold W. Stevenson conducted a research to determine whether Asian fathers are more demanding than whites fathers in terms of academics.They asked several Asian fathers and White fathers what score would they be satisfied with on a test which has an average of 70%. Asian fathers answered that they would be satisfied with approximately 8 points more than their child's expected score. While white fathers answered that they would be fine with approximately 3 points below the scores that they expected their child to score. <>. Therefore, based on this scientific experiment conducted, it can be concluded that Asian fathers tend to have higher expectations for their children than white fathers.


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Meghana Akula

AP Biology -2