By: Xavier Wimer


Manatees have a big rond and oval body.Manatees can weigh more then 1,000 ponds.Manatees usualy can swim Between 3 and 5miles per houwer.Amanatee has a corp onder ther body.


Manatees eat grass deep in the hot sea.Sometimes the plants that manatees eat are cover with sand. Manatees have big molers in the back of ther teeth.


Manatees live in the waters of the south united states. Manatees live close to the Austraila waters. Manatees move to try to find warm water.


Manatees are mammals. Femaile manatees are calld cows. Femile manatees can have babys wen ther three to five years old. Manatees do not spend time in grops

Ineteresting Facts

And adult manatee has about 28 teeth at a time. Scientists have water prof papers thay go down into the water that manatees live and thay study them. Sinds in the sea warnds people in moter bots. Manatees some time dont leave ther habitat. Manatees are slower then Dolphins. Manatees yous ther tells to move them through.