My Digital Dossier

Media Literacy - Amy 7H

2003 - 2007 (1-5 years old) Fetus - kindergarten

It is January 2002 right now. I am about the size of a blueberry, I am in my moms stomach and my dad is right beside me. The doctor just checked if mom was pregnant with me or not. He has just put my moms information into the computer, as well as the filling cabinet. We have now gotten the results back, guess what my moms pregnant. This news has now shared this with the rest of my family in Vietnam.

Fast forward 8-9 months later I am born. I am born at Trillium hospital where they start a new file for me. Now the doctors office and the hospital have all of my information. I am born, the doctor asks my mom what my name was going to be. My mom tells him, he puts that into the records along with my weight, the time of birth, and the date of birth.

I now know how to crawl, my siblings have there cameras ready to capture this special moment. That video is send out to friends and family. I now know how to walk that is now being shared with friends and family. Now I am finally going to school, I am in kindergarten. They take pictures of me and post it on the school site along with other social medias like Instagram and twitter. My name and information is put into the district school boards record.

2009 - 2012 (6 - 9 years old) grade 1-4

I am now in first grade, my first day of school is captured on a camera. Birthday parties are being thrown, and more pictures to be taken. It is now the end of the school year where we want to remember all our class mates. Yet another picture taken of me. Second grade, more pictures, more electronics, and starting to e-mail friends. Sending messages and e-mails to friends with pictures attached to them. Grade 3, making home videos posting them on social media. Making more e-mails and accounts, playing games and giving out first and last names on the sign up page. Watching posting private videos and watching YouTube. 2012 technology is becoming more popular. People have phones, iPad's, iPod's. Pictures and videos being taking of me and being saved on other phones, other computer, other social media sites. Old pictures coming back and being posted, being deleted but still some where on the internet.

2013 - 2015 (10 - 12) Grade 5-7

It is now grade 5, everyone know me. I'm texting friends and calling friends on Face time. Playing music on a YouTube account. More electronics being brought to school, meaning a lot more pictures and videos. Class pictures being taken by teachers and being posted online. Grade 6, new school, fresh start, no one knows you. Social media popular than ever. Having people follow, like, and comment on a picture that you posted. Grade 7, getting a new phone, posting more pictures, and making more new accounts. Picture day is here, finally got my picture taken and got my student ID. Watching YouTube videos and watching Netflix. More throw back pictures being posted. New friends, and more memories to be made.


You really don't think that you would have a digital foot print so young. But even when you were still in your moms stomach your whole digital footprint began. That is where every ones lives really started.