frack! mine! drill!

Its a flyer... all about mining, drilling, and fracking!!!!

Surface mining

surface mining- a highly regulated, smart method of mining coal. This method takes place at earths surface.

three ex.

  • open pit mining
  • area strip mining
  • contour strip mining

effect on environment- erosion and pollution.

Subsurface mining

Subsurface mining- mining of minerals and ores. this method takes place deep under ground.

effect on environment- lots of hazardous acid mine draining

Land vs Ocean drilling

land drilling- history of land drilling

the earliest land wells were found in 347 ad in china. these wells had depths up to 790 ft.

ocean drilling- a mechanical process where drilling takes place before the seabed. Drilling goes almost 10,000 feet deep.


Fracking- fracking is injecting high pressure liquid into rocks forcing them to open and enabling them to extract oil or gas.

environmental effects of fracking are contamination of water, air pollution, and workplace safety.