South Korea

"Land of the Morning Calm"

Background Information

  • Population: 49,115,196
  • Capital: Seoul
  • Head of State: President Park Geun-hye
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn
  • Type of Government: Presidential Republic
  • Language: Korean


In 1392, the Choson Dynasty had started by General Ye Song-Gye, lasting for about another 500 years. Next in 1446, Korea started getting more sophisticated and King Saejong introduces the Korean alphabet called Hangul. Then, in the late 1500s, Korea is attacked by Japan, thankfully for Korea, Chinese troops help by running the troops out of Korea's borders. About 300 years later China, Japan, and Russia starts to fight of Korea's rule. So, in 1910, Japan takes over Korea, but loses the rule short after World War ll. Later, in 1945, Soviet Union (Russia) troops go through northern Korea. In about 1950, southern Korea and northern Korea have some conflicts with each other. Lots of people believe that the last straw was when northern Korea invaded the south and war broke out. In 1953, the Korean War ends, but without a peace treaty, so there was, is, and can be more conflicts between North Korea and South Korea.
Korean War
As result of World War Two, Japan lost its rule over Korea, and South Korea and North Korea was divided in 1945 on the 38 parallel. The Soviet Union (Russia) and China came to North Korea's aid and the United States and the United Nation's came to South Korea's aid. North Korea had invaded South Korea in 1950 and Seoul had fallen, the US acted quick and brought weapons for South Korea. Between about 1.4 and 2.4 million Koreans died in the Korean War. The fighting ended in 1953 without a peace treaty. The country we knew as Korea had then split into two separate countries.


Taekwondo is a very important sport and skill to many Koreans. It was created Korea about 2,000 years ago. It means "The way of the foot and fist". Ssireum is another Korean sport that is like Sumo Wrestling, instead in Ssireum, the person needs to throw their opponent to the ground. Opposed to Sumo Wrestling, when you have to get your opponent out of the ring. There are even professional video game leagues. South Korea has some of the world's best video game play, some that play for about 16 hours a day. Baseball was brought to the Koreans in 1905. later, in 1984 South Korea team won the Little League Title. Soccer was brought to Korea in 1882. In 2002, South Korea was the first Asian team to reach semi finals, but sadly lost. Other sports that I didn't speak about is; Gulf, Boxing, Tennis, Table Tennis, Rifle Shooting, Skiing, and more.


People greet others with a nod or bow to show respect towards others. Most Koreans wear Hanboks, clothing for both males and females. They are usually worn for rituals, holidays, or any nice occasions. Koreans celebrate a person's first birthday, 100th day of life, and 60th birthday. A child's first birthday is called a "Dol". A child's 100th day of life is called a "Baegil". A persons 60th birthday is called a "Hwangap". Women usually do the housework in all of Korea. But, women have a slight advantage if they live in South Korea due to South Korea's economic success. Usually in a household the oldest male is in charge. There are arranged and unarranged marriages, but if the relationship does not work out between a couple, then they do not have to continue with the marriage. Usually, relationships are based off of the women's respect and if the man is superior. The lifestyles of the Koreans are very unique and special to many.


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