The DCMS Bat Signal: 4/29/19

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Good Morning Team DCMS Superheroes!


As well, teachers, you have a reading assignment to complete prior to Wednesday morning. We will be learning about the Teach Like a Champion technique 100%. We will focus on Making Compliance Visible and Firm Calm Finesse. See the button below to access the reading assignment.

Marsha Webster

ASSIGNMENT READ TONIGHT: Teach Like a Champion - 100% Part 2 - Compliance You can See

Click the button to read the article below prior to the Faculty Meeting on Wednsday.

Vandalism: Required Active Supervision & Dismissal Procedures for Students in Computer Labs

I thought I would let you all know that all the technology tickets in the MS labs have all been vandalism.

In C205, there were 6 different issues:

  • computers/keyboards or mice unplugged
  • keyboard keys swapped around
  • 3 monitors disabled
  • AUX cable pushed into power supply fan

In A129, there were similar issues, but also there was the addition of the following:

  • students pushing zip-ties into the power supply fans

For the remainder of the year, I am requesting that students are dismissed one at a time or by row with the teacher checking each computer for functionality prior to the students leaving the computer station. We must do better and be active supervisors. Computer stations that are found to have been vandalized need to be reported with a help desk ticket, and the student user needs to be reported via discipline referral in IC. I am hopeful that by just instituting a dismissal and accountability procedure that the vandalism will not continue.

Please discuss this with each of your classes prior to going to the labs...even for testing. Thank you for your help on this.

Upcoming Events

  • ILearn Testing Window - 4/22 - 5/17
  • NJHS Induction Ceremony - Tuesday, 4/30, @ 6:30 PM in the gym
  • School Principals' Day - Wednesday, 5/1
  • Nurse's Day - Monday, 5/6
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - Monday, 5/6 - Friday, 5/10 (more details to come)
  • Wild Boar Lunch for All Staff - Tuesday, 5/9 during lunches; be sure to get your voucher from Tisha
  • DLTA Rep Mtg - Friday, 5/10 @ 1 PM
  • School Board Mtg - Monday, 5/13 @ 6:30 PM in South Elementary cafe
  • Senior Walk @ DCMS - Tuesday, 5/14 @ ~10:55 AM; all classes to line the hallways
  • 6th & 7th Grade Choir Concert - Tuesday, 5/14 @ 7 PM in the MS gym
  • 4th Graders Visit DCMS - Thursday, 5/16
  • 4th to 5th Parent Transition Meeting - Monday, 5/20
  • MS Band Concert - Tuesday, 5/21, at 7 PM in the MS gym
  • Last Student Day - Friday, 5/24
  • Last Teacher Day - Tuesday, 5/28

Upcoming Meetings

  • Faculty Mtg - Wednesday, 5/1 in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM (TLaC - 100% Firm Calm Finesse) Please PLC during common prep time one day this week. Your choice of which day.
  • Faculty Mtg - Wednesday, 5/8 in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM (TLaC - 100% Least Invasive Intervention Part 1) Please PLC during common prep time one day this week (which you mostly do anyway). Your choice of which day.
  • Faculty Mtg - Wednesday, 5/15 in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM (TLaC - 100% Least Invasive Intervention Part 2) Please PLC during common prep time one day this week. Your choice of which day.


  • Shorts, Longs, & Coaching Observations – Expect that we will be visiting frequently and maybe even multiple times in a week.

  • Attendance Must Be Taken EACH Period – Attendance must be taken each period. This is not optional and cannot continue to be forgotten. At this point, this is considered a minimum performance expectation.

  • Cell Phone Violations Procedures are found here at the following link. Please familiarize yourself with the process.
  • Friday School / Detention Supervisor Sign-Up – Please sign up to supervise a Friday School or Detention for the good of the school culture using the links below. Detentions will now be on Thursday AM and Thursday PM.

Detention -

Friday School -

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Finals Schedule for S2

Grades 5 & 6 are expected to give a "finals" experience in the form of a performance task, project, or test. The purpose is to prepare students for finals in grades 7 & 8 without the serious grade implications.

The grades 7 & 8 finals schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, 5/17 - White Related Arts
  • Monday, 5/20 - Red Related Arts
  • Tuesday, 5/21 - Math
  • Wednesday, 5/22 - ELA
  • Thursday, 5/23 - SCI
  • Friday, 5/24 - SS

No final exams are to be given early.

Yearbook Signing

Yearbook Signing time for students will be on Thursday, 5/23, starting at ~2:30 PM.

Yearbooks will be delivered to GOAL or last period (for 5th) prior to yearbook signing. Do not distribute to students until 2:30 PM the day of signing. If it rains, we will do 5th and 6th in their respective hallways; 7 and 8 in the café.

Last Day Schedule for 7/8

Grades 5 & 6 may make their schedules as they see fit as long as lunch occurs from 12:30 - 1 PM and all students and teachers attend the Awards Program from 1:30 - 3:00 PM.

Thank you to Amanda Birkey who helped to me revise and correct the schedule below.

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Awards Program

All teachers are expected to attend. If you do not have an assigned class at that time that you are taking to the gym, sit with one of the related arts teachers who has your students to assist him or her in supervision. It is likely that one or all of them will be getting up to present an award. Please spread yourselves around. Department Heads/Presenters, please be poised and ready to give your awards prior to the previous presenter finishing. The goal is to complete our program in an hour or less. When you finish presenting your award please introduce the next presenter. For example, Mrs. Hayse will say, "and now Mrs. Smith will present the Math Department awards." Mrs. Smith will say, "and now Mr. Gleason will present the Science Department awards." and so on.

Department Awards

Please begin completing the Department Awards form below in preparation for the Awards Ceremony on the last student day. Directions for completing the form are at the top. If you wish to look back at who earned awards last year, click the 17-18 tab at the bottom.

About Us: Mission & Collective Commitments

We are a collaborative group of educators committed to ensuring high student achievement.

We commit to…

  1. Focusing on student proficiency of Indiana College & Career Readiness standards, not just coverage of material.
  2. Working collaboratively to benefit all students with a focus on results.
  3. Join forces to learn by doing on a daily basis.
  4. Using frequent common assessments that inform and drive our instruction.
  5. Providing intervention and enrichment based upon the formative data.
  6. Furthering a culture that uses value-added language, encourages one another, and celebrates successes.