Diary of Anne Frank

By Jayton Brock


Even when things got hard Anne always seem to find a way to find something cheerful in it. She was always writing in her diary and putting all her feelings in it. She was always getting yelled at by everyone. She was always trying to have fun with everyone in the annex even when they were suppose to be quite. She was always getting angry with her mother over everything and they had a lot of fights. She was always being nosey with everyone's business even when her mother told her it was not nice to get in to people's business.

Anne Frank / Photo / c.1940. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 2 Dec 2015.

You must have courage no matter the obstacles

The theme, we must have courage no matter the obstacles was shown in Anne Franks Diary. When they are going to the Annex they had to take a another route to get there and that shows courage to go to the Annex. The Van Danns said when they got there and nobody was there "Oh no they have picked them up off the streets we should leave now when we got the chance"(381). That shows courage because even though the Franks had been almost caught they stilled went on. Another example of courage is when they are asleep one night and the noises woke Anne up and she started screaming. " The noises are what scary me the most during the night I am afraid that they are going to take me and my family"(381). This shows courage even when they are scared they still stay in hiding and not turn there selves in. The last example of courage in Anne Frank is when they are celebrating Hanukkah and someone broke in to the factory and stole some stuff. " When Mr. Frank came back up stairs and says that they have left and the door has been left open and the cash box and radio have been stolen then everyone starts freaking out because they are going to be caught and token away and then Mr. Frank says have you lost all of your courage because I sure haven't"(408-409). This shows that even when bad things happen to them they still have courage to keep on going and to stay alive.


The journal is what Anne always went to when she mad, sad, and happy she was always writing in it everyday. When they were quiet she would write in it and it was somewhere she could put all her thoughts and feelings in. When she was mad at her mom she would go write in her diary and feel better. It was hers so she wouldn't share with anybody even her sister. The diary is her own little world where she can just escape and have her own little place where she can control everything.


Friendship/family is always a good thing to have during hard times.

The theme friendship and family is shown through out the story of Anne Frank. When Anne was screaming durning the night her father comes in and comforts her and makes her feel better. Mr. Frank says " That we can only help you and be there to help only if you want us there" (400). This is an example of the theme Friendship and family is always a good thing to have durning hard times.Another example of friendship and family is when Peter and Anne are in Peter's room talking about what they want to be. Anne ask " Peter what do you want to be when you get out of here" Peter says " i don't know i am not good at anything I thought about going in to the farming businesses" Anne answers back " Oh come on Peter you are good at a load of things" (421). This is an example of friendship and family is always a good thing to have during a hard time because Anne is there to help Peter even if he doesn't want the help. The final example of friendship and family is always a good thing to have during hard times is when they are celebrating Hanukkah Anne makes everyone a gift and when they all ask why she did it she says " Because we are friends and family and even if this is a hard time everyone still deserves something for what they have done" (403-404). This is an example of friendship and family because Hanukkah is a time for friends and family and Anne brings joy to everyone by doing that.