Principal's Message

Hello Wangenheim Families!

Thank you for a great opening of school this year! I know there has been a lot of nervousness about returning to campus and student's making adjustments back to in-person learning - and thanks to the work you put in and the work our staff has done, the students are going great!

Our attendance is great, beginning of school tardies are improving and there is a ton of smiling and laughing with friends during passing periods and lunch. The atmosphere in classrooms is great too.

As we move forward with the year, our students will need us to continue to work together to help them be successful. We tell them the importance of being responsible and informed about their work and grades, but they still need us, as adults, to help.

Since we cannot have families on campus, our teachers have recorded introductory videos for you to put faces to names and to help you better understand how their classrooms work. These videos will be available all year and can be watched more than once.

Please contact your child's teacher or counselor with any questions you may have as a result of watching the videos.

Thank you again for everything you are doing to help your student,

Matt Fallon Ed.D.


Wangenheim Middle School

Good Evening, Wangenheim families and students!

Welcome to our virtual back-to-school night! Did I tell you that I love our students? They are lovely, caring students that make me smile every day. Thank you for joining us! We wished we were meeting in person, but we thank you for helping us keep everyone safe and schools open. We are thrilled to have you take the time to visit. Please click on your student’s teachers’ link to hear important information. You may visit at your own pace and convenience.

Thank you,

Susan Kent

Vice Principal

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Let's Tackle Tardies

Hello Wangenheim Families,

Can you believe the 1st month of school is already over? That’s right. Today is the end of the 3rd week of school – and we’ve had a great start to the school year. The teachers and staff have been working really hard since before school started to help all our students transition back to being at school in person.

And I think all the work has paid off. Our attendance is great, there is a ton of smiling and laughing among the students during passing periods and lunch. The atmosphere in classrooms is great too.

So I along with the staff, and the teachers, I want to thank you, the families. We know returning to school in person wasn’t easy and many of you have had to put work into getting your student ready for this - and it shows because the students have done a terrific job with this transition.

As we move forward with the year we need to make some improvements. One area for improvement is student tardies. The students are doing a great job of getting to class on time during the school day. The trouble many families are having is getting to school on time. Too many students are late and that means they are missing class time and often delaying or interrupting what has already begun when they arrive at the classroom.

If your student is getting to school with only 2-3 minutes before the start, they are not getting to class on time. We want to work with students and families who are struggling with this. Counselors will begin to contact these students and families to problem solve this next week.

If a student is tardy any 10 periods beginning Monday, September 20th, they will need to come to Saturday School to help make up the time they have missed in class.

We are here to help you. As a single parent of 3 boys in our school district, I know some of the struggles the morning brings. Below are a couple articles with suggestions that may help.

Thank you for everything you are already doing for our students and together we can continue what has been a great start.

In partnership,

Matt Fallon Ed.D.

We all know the importance of being on time to school, to work, or to appointments. Teachers arrive at school early to ensure that the final preparations are ready for the full day of teaching. Arriving at school late causes a disruption to the entire class, not just the teacher who has already started teaching the lesson. If a student arrives late each day, think about how much instructional time is lost throughout the school year.

Being organized and having your child arrive at school on time helps reduce classroom interruptions and distractions allowing teachers to focus on teaching lessons to all students. Try making doctor or dentist appointments after school so that your child doesn't miss a minute of learning.

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