January 6 -10, 2014

RHS Week In Preview - Let's Make It Matter!

Weekly Events

"Belief is something you chose to do. It is hard... if it was easy, it wouldn't be worth as much." - Mel Odom

PLCs may meet at their discretion this week; official PLC meetings begin next week. The quarter 3 schedule will be distributed this week.

1/6 Teacher Planning Day

**Lesson plans are due to your supervising administrator by 3pm. Lesson plans should be submitted electronically. If you use Planbook, please provide your administrator access.

English Department Meeting 10AM RM 102 (Discovery Education debrief/data review)

Boys' B-ball @ WRHS


Boys' B-ball vs. HHS; Girls' B-ball @ HHS 6pm

Boys' Soccer vs. RRHS 6pm


Leadership Meeting 7:40AM RM 106

Girls' Soccer vs. WRHS 6pm


Girls' B-ball @ ZHS 6pm


Faculty Collaboration Session 7:30AM Gym

Reading Classes in gym all periods - drum circle presentation

1/10 - Faculty Collaboration Session

Faculty Meeting 7:30AM Gym (Please adjust your work hours by leaving 10 minutes early – 3pm)

We will be participating in a very special and empowering activity as a faculty and staff called a drum circle. You can expect an interactive teambuilding experience that will energize and empower the group as well as promote a deeper sense of camaraderie.


Introduction to Flipped Faculty Meetings

Our goal is to see if this model can maximize our time and energy. The majority of the informational pieces will be communicated through podcasts and week in preview flyers in order to focus our efforts on teaching and learning. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Here are the steps:

1. View the video that will be sent out by email.

2. Develop any questions.

3. Email questions to appropriate admin./staff member, discuss with PLC facilitator, or attend scheduled solution sessions (dates TBD).

RHS School-wide Focus Areas through PLCs

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