Team Talk

The Road To Distinctions Week Of May 916 2016

Team Mustang

We have two weeks until final exams. With that being said, I want to remind you that bell to bell instruction is the norm and expected. If you have not yet received a draft of your extended and or summative, you will this week. In addition, several of you still have to have 10-15 minute spot observations that still need to be conducted to get you to the requisite number of either 8 or 10. We will be in classrooms the next two weeks to get these task completed.

Also, as a reminder we need all staff to park in the upper parking lot on Tuesday, May 17th to allow spots for our visitors. We are expecting up to 30 presenters on campus for the career fair.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


This week's PLC should focus on preparation for review sessions for final exams. You should also use PLC time to plan for active engagement of your scholars in class to keep them focused and on task.

Keep Calm and Finish Strong!

TEI Verification

TEI Roster Verification begins Tuesday, May 10, at which time teachers can access 2015-16 TEI rosters on MyData Portal. Only teachers with courses eligible for TEI achievement metrics will have rosters to review and verify. TEI rosters determine which students are potentially included in the calculation of a teacher’s TEI achievement metrics. TEI Roster Verification, or TRV, is the only opportunity for teachers to ensure the rosters accurately reflect the student they taught during the school year.

Rosters are available for teachers until 5:00 p.m. on May 25. After that time, rosters cannot be updated for use in 2015-16 TEI calculations. Principals have until 5:00 p.m. on June 10 to approve rosters submitted by their teachers.