Media Literacy

Erinn Banks

In my opinion, Media literacy is basically all news and also basic literacy, reading and writing. It’s an opportunity for the media to speak on everything that’s going on in the world. From the smallest of occurrences to the biggest. Also involving students given them the opportunity to critically think, to explore and also express whats going on in the world studying modern life. Also a way to increase the interest in people on what’s going on around them. Its also a way to influence people and have effect on not just one but millions of people. Importantly children being this worlds future in their hands. Helping young ones maybe choose a career to look into for example or even just a basic hobby that could turn into a career in the future. Media literacy could also be a bad influence in ways involving what you see on media especially social media but in my opinion its more beneficial than a burden. For example, if something is wrong on certain media or specifically something wrong involving a specific person, not sure of the problem, but this also helps that person personally and others around also by teaching a lesson to not let whatever happened happen again or even just finding a way to solve the problem helps that person in the future to prevent such occurrence from happening again. Media literacy is a world developer, a way to discover, a way to learn, a way to express, communicate; it can be expressed in many ways.