Exceptional Agenda and Venue...#GetExcited

Fall 2019 DTL Summit

September 17, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Noah's Event Center 322 W 11000 S., South Jordan

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Tuesday, Sep. 17th, 8:30am-4pm

322 11000 South

South Jordan, UT

The annual DTL Summit is less than a month away and we have an exceptional AGENDA and VENUE. Read on for important details. This is an event you won't want to miss! #DTLUtah


We are NOT allowed to provide food, snacks, or drinks for this event.

Many eateries in the area are very crowded at lunch.

We invite you to enjoy the onsite amenities and ask that you plan accordingly.

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Purpose: Share your LEA's DTL story in a creative way and learn about what other LEAs are doing - Which LEAs have similar implementation strategies, goals, or other commonalities with your LEA? Which LEA plans, goals, and strategies do you want to learn more about?

Content Suggestions if you don't already have some ideas:

Cohorts One and Two: Answer one or more of the following questions:

  • What information about your program could help other LEAs understand your plans?
  • What changes have you seen or expect to see while participating in the DTL program?
  • What resources would help you move forward with your implementation plans?
  • What do you want to know more about from other LEAs in this grant program?
  • Where are you starting in your journey? Where do you hope to land?
  • What is something unique about your LEA that other LEAs may be interested to know?

Cohorts Three and Four:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Where are you along your DTL implementation/achievement journey?
  • On a scale of 0-10, is your implementation going according to plan?
  • What do you hope to accomplish this school year (2019-2020)?
  • On what grade band and subject areas are you focusing? Are you seeing progress?
  • What do you know NOW that you wish you would have known EARLIER in the grant cycle?

Directions: Below is a legend to help you find your LEA's designated slide. Find your slide in this Google Slide deck and share your DTL Story in a creative way. Don't be afraid to include visual elements or even a video clip! Remember the handsome designs of Iron’s and North Summit’s posters last year? OOH AHH

If you would like further guidance, please contact Melanie Durfee:

melanie.durfee@schools.utah.gov * 801.538.7719

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Registration Begins at 8:30 AM in the Main Hall

Parking is available on both sides of the venue as well as along the curbed driveway at 45 degree angles; Carpooling is encouraged! Come early with a fully charged device, lunch/snacks, and your favorite beverage(s). Remember to swing by the registration area on your way in!

Welcome: "Fall 2019 DTL Summit Kick-off"

Todd Call, DTL Coordinator, Utah State Board of Education

Digital Teaching and Learning "State of the State"

Keynote: "Mobility, Leadership, and Learning"

Dr. Jon Landis, Apple Education

Digital learning experiences and mobile devices are changing the education landscape. At this session, we’ll discuss strategies for leading your organization through this transition to create new learning and teaching opportunities. You’ll explore the role of visionary leadership in supporting school transformation and see how new learning resources support emerging trends in education.

AM Breakouts

Dr. Jon Landis, Apple: The "How" of Mobility

A follow-up discussion related to the morning keynote address

Dr. Royd Darrington (Juab) and Dr. Ryan Hansen (Davis): "The Intersection of DTL, Personalized Learning, and Competency-Based Education"

A unique collaboration between two districts transforming education in Utah

LearnPlatform: "Monitor Your DTL Program with Efficiency"

As a state-provided solution for monitoring software usage, LearnPlatform helps LEA leaders see what their students and teachers are using in order to make smart and effective decisions about school technology resources

Future Ready: "Readiness Assessment Updates"

11:30-12:30: Recreation + Entertainment + Picnic = BEST LUNCH EVER!

Bring your own lunch, drink(s), and snacks. Ordering Grub Hub (food delivery service) is also an option. Food will not be provided. #Picnic #Recreate #Refuel #SharpenYourSaw

Available onsite amenities:

Outside patios with tables and seating on the main floor & third floor

Pool table (301), wall ball (main floor), and game room (main floor)

Fridges and microwaves on each of the three floors

An ice machine on the third floor

PM Keynote

Dr. Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow: "Mobile Learning"

Where are we with the effective use of mobile devices and wireless connectivity in terms of changing the classroom environment? What are the next steps to greater efficacy with these tools?

PM Breakout Sessions

Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow: "Digital Content Usage in the Classroom"

What teachers say they need to use technology more effectively and the disconnect between teachers and administrators on how to identify high quality digital content. What does this mean in relation to more sophisticated usage?

Michael Hakkarinen, UEN: "Balancing the 'D' in DTL"

Is this topic NOT on your mind? It's not all about going digital...

Cheryl Lemke, Metiri: "Finishing Strong and Staging for Success!"

This session will start with reviewing the spring evaluations for Cohorts 1 & 2. Each of the areas of evaluation will be addressed and LEAs will better understand how to implement required and suggested changes. Plan now for a triumphant five year grant implementation!

LEAs will receive support with writing outcomes that work and reflect LEA plans. Come learn how to write effective short-term, mid-term, and long-term outcomes for your upcoming plans!

Superintendent and LEA Team Collaboration Time

Superintendent Breakout: Superintendents will meet together for their own targeted collaboration time

LEA DTL Team Collaboration Time: LEA teams from all cohorts will have supported time to work together to plan next steps toward implementation (all cohorts), achievement (all cohorts), or reapplication (Cohorts 1 & 2).

Closing Wrap-Up: "USBE Strategic Plan and Portrait of a Graduate"

Todd Call, USBE Coordinator and Syd Young, USBE Education Specialist

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