Early Ojibwe by: Owen Savisik


Wild Rice

The early Ojibwe harvested wild rice in the fall. They went to ponds marshes and lakes where the wild rice grew. The seeds, or grain were among the most important foods to the Ojibwe. The Ojibwe harvested the wild rice in birch bark canoes. Since the plate grew in water. Also wild rice was the Ojibwes favorite food, they focused on the plant in the early fall.

Other Fall Foods

The early Ojibwe didn't just collect wild rice, they also collected other foods. Like berries, the Ojibwe had the children go out and pick late-season berries and then dried them for winter. Men also hunted duck and geese. Lastly men and women caught fish and then dried them for winter. Just about every food the Ojibwe collected was collected for winter.