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Using Essential oils in your home, office and environment is incredibly empowering. I began to learn early in my use of doTERRA Essential Oils they were different than any others I used in the past. My first exposure was threw a client, a massage therapist, who had me inhale Frankincense and I became so relaxed. She ordered me a bottle, but I had no training on the use, benefits or anything else. So after I choked when she told me the price, I put it in the drawer only to pull it out once in awhile. Had I known the benefits, I would have bought a case and bathed my friend who was suffering from cancer. My next exposure was through the AromaTouch technique, about three years later, I remembered the bottle. But I was blown away at the results, I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and suffered for over a year with doctors who weren't helping my condition. I was just given this pill, that pill with more and more side effects. But after the AromaTouch I had no symptoms for three weeks. THREE WEEKS, I felt human again. I had to know more!!!!!! The rest as they say is history. The past six years have shown me one miracle after miracle after blessing. I'm not the same person I was. Smells have changed, I'm more alert to my surroundings and I'm completely brain fog free. There is so many benefits to these oils and this company than I could have imagined.

Let us know what your experiences have been by using these oils and how they have been empowering your life. Click the link "empowered life" for even more resources on how to use the oils.

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