By Mihkaela Kroesen

how are earthquakes made?

Earth is not just land and water and air and all that stuff but it is also like a fire ball.It may not seem like it but it is!Earth has layers the crust (where we live) the mantle and the core.The crust its cracked. under the cracks the mantle has currents in the soilidish magma witch causes the crust to push against each other creating a earthquake.Somtimes it creates a seismic earthquake that are very deadly.

Preparing before earthquakes

steps for preparing for earthquakes

1. Secure the area

2. Create disaster plan

3. Have emergancy kit ready

4. Sterenthen properdy

5. Orginize properdy

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Steps during a earthquake

1. Drop,Cover,Hold on
2.React quick
3. Ask rapidly for the earth to stop shaking
4.if inside a building get to the safest place
5.use stairs and never use the elevator
6.if outside move away from buildings,posts and trees
7. if your in a wheel chair :( stay away from any falling objects as much as possible
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steps after a earthquake

1.move away from area
2.keep calm any inguries
4.find family

Earthquakes are very common

Earthquakes happen all the time we just don't realize that they do! Earthquakes can be so small we don't even notice or to deep in the ocean!
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Earthquakes are very dangerous

earthquakes may not seem like a threat in most places but it dose not mean that they cant happen.Earthquakes happen randomly but everyone should know how to stay safe :)

now you know how dangerous they are!