Year 6 End of Year Events

Kia ora Year 6 whānau!

The end of the 2022 school year is fast approaching! So I would like to share with you the plans for the End of the Year, as they sit at the moment. Please bear in mind that occasionally we need to change plans!

Monday 5th December (Week 8) Year 6 Celebration/Reward Day

Lido morning (learners dropped to Mrs Cawood at the Lido at 8:55am, they are bused back to school at 12:30pm where they will spend the afternoon (in non uniform) in the hall watching a movie.

I will be asking for parent help for this trip, to supervise the learners in the water closely.

There is a cost of $15 for each learner for this day, this covers access to all pools, including the dive pools, inside and outside hydroslides and some hot chips to supplement their lunch. You will receive an Invoice from the school office - payment is required by Friday 2nd December please.

Friday 9th December (Week 8) Year 6 Dinner and Dance - 6pm

(Details around this will come home at a later date)

Monday 12th December (Week 9) Whole School Final Assembly, 1:45pm

This is where all of our End of Year awards and recognitions will take place. This includes Young Vinnies, Road Patrol and Leavers Certificates, as well as our usual End of Year service and SAINTS awards.

Tuesday 13th December (Week 9) Whole School End of Year Mass (final day of school)

This is a whole school and community event. Our year 6’s will be blessed and farewelled again here, and will receive their candles and crosses. Our leaving families will also be acknowledged here.

I hope this is helpful for diaries and letting whānau know!

As I mentioned above, these are the current plans, but details etc may be changed.

Any questions, please let me know

God bless