Preppy Charms LEADING THE WAY!

March 2016 Recognition

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Why Hello April! What Amazing Things You Have!

HELLO, APRIL!! I am SO excited to kick off this new season with you all!! So many of you hustled to accomplish BIG things in March and I know this is just the beginning!! We had 13 new stylists join our team. I am so proud of your hustle!!

For all of you locals, come to our meet up Ashburn,VA- Patio Party!! Meet Stella & Dot Summer Line Launch, be sure to register here:

Our new Summer collection launches next week. Don't miss out!! The BEST is yet to come!! I am grateful for all of you!!

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Meghan Forgione

Stephanie Smiy

Jessica Dyer

Alison McCoy

Regina Romine

Jennifer Shewmake

Amber Mitchell

Randi Halbmaier

Rachel Myers

Hannah Bartlett

Emily Planton

Colette Rozanski

Morgan Poignant

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Lead Stylist

Amber Werderitch

Leslie Isonhart

Malissa Mountz

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All of the ladies above plus...

Carlie Spear

Natalie Goodwin

Haley Kolowski

Chelsea Molleck

Lisa Beck

Ashley Hull

Michelle Workman

Amber Werderitch

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Amy McConville

Jessica Dyer

Regina Romine

Brittany Guzman

Mary Hudgens

Brittney Vogel

Anna Blessing


Amanda Ladage

malia bishop

Jill Hoerr

Tara Sheets

Stephanie Cheek

Hannah Parrott

Carol Rethmel

Jennifer Hargis

Alison McCoy

Janelle Scudder

Morgan O'Brien

Erin Pinaire

Sarah Varnes

Ashley Erwin

Whitney Lambert

Megan Macklin

Erin Collins

Jessica Buwick

Kelly Sommers

Kristina Maxfield

Lauren Tulchinsky

Candace Rivet

shauna burnham

Ashley Ryan

Maggie Vetsch

Malissa Mountz

Joy Johnson

Jessica Foy

Lauren Brehaut

Autumn Kirk

leslie isonhart

Liesel Lancaster

Emily Kohl

Tara Strohkirch

Stephanie Valko

Sheilah Dimopoulos

Erin Larson

Madison Donaho