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Spring Edition (2019)

Spring Into Summer

As the end of the year fast approaches, members of The LITLC crew began preparing for the upcoming school year. Whether it's ways to advertise the resources in the library or promoting reading to the school community, the Lunch Bunch and I are trying to think of innovative ways to connect with the school community.

Students and staff were invited to complete the end-of-the-year survey for The LITLC. This information will be used to help us as we plan for next year. Here are just a few snippets of the information.

Summer Reading

BCPS has partnered with BCPL for over 13 years to prevent the summer slide. Use the following link to get information about the BCPL Summer Reading Program. You'll be glad you did.
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Winter Edition (2019)

World Read Aloud Day is February 1, 2019. The school library, The LITLC, would love to recognize this day of reading. The event will start January 31st and conclude February 1st. The entire school community (parents, students, faculty and staff) is invited to take part in this initiative to do one or more of the following:

  • Read a book aloud to students in the library for 15 minutes (January 31, 2019, 9:00 am – 11:00 am or February 1, 2019, 9:00 am – 9:30 am)
  • Videotape yourself a reading the beginning of a book (2-5 pages) and post your video on social media with the hashtag #LRTAreads
  • On January 31 and February 1, visit the school library to read aloud to a group of students during lunch (contact Ms. Love for times)
  • Using Destiny, our online catalog, check-out one of our e-books and use the read aloud feature. Post a picture or video and share via social media using the hashtag #LRTAreads

Contact Ms. Love via email at if you have any questions or other ideas.

Digital Citizenship Lessons

BCPS has an expectation that all sixth grade students receive instruction regarding Digital Citizenship. Below are some images of the second lesson in the Digital Citizenship program. In this lesson, students learned how to determine whether websites are reliable.
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First day of Winter (Special edition)


Before the winter break begins, I would like to focus on some of the engaging activities we have had in our school library. Students had a chance to explore makerspace opportunities, work on coding activities, learn about digital safety, discuss novels, complete lessons, and independently navigate Destiny to locate books they wanted to read. Check out our video to see why our library is L.I.T.

Snapshots and Data

The video above has anecdotal evidence of our library program. The images below provide some quantitative data to show the usage in our school library. Using LibraryTrac, the data is clear and concise.


We have had 1082 independent student visits since September. The top reason students come to the library is to read, to relax and/or to use the computer. The second reason students come to the library is to work on a class assignment, complete homework and/or to conduct research. The primary time for student visits is during lunch; the 7th grade lunch shift is the busiest.


Teachers utilize the space, as well. The primary reason for class visits is for checkouts/returns. A close second is instruction with me, the LMS. So far, sixth grade classes have visited the library the most. Our lessons included library orientation, digital safety, e-book scavenger hunts and book matching services.

In 2019, I am looking forward to more visits from students and more opportunities to collaborate with teachers.

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Fall Edition 2018 (Volume 1)

Great Things are Happening in the LRTALC

The month of October has been busy.

  • Several reading teachers have utilized the Book Matching Service to get students excited about reading.
  • Eighth grade Language Arts teachers have infused the library resources as they prepare students for the argument PBA.
  • Sixth Grade students in G&T are utilizing enrichment activities for The Giver
  • The school community has completed the LRTALC Survey.
  • More students are beginning to come to the library independently to check-out books (with a valid green pass of course).
  • The Collection Development Plan for LRTA is almost complete.
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Library Trac Data

The Science and Language Arts Departments received information regarding library resources and ways we can collaborate.

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Building a Research Community: Destiny Collections

Have you asked a student to research a topic and noticed that they used an unreliable website? That doesn't need to happen again. Destiny Collections is a sure fire way to get reliable resources into the hands of our students as they research.

Using our online catalog, users can create a playlist of resources for their students. They playlist can include web pages, books, online databases and much more. Click here to see a sample.

Too much on your plate to learn another web tool? With a simple email to Ms. Love and at least three business days, a playlist can be created for you and your students. Gathering six to eight of resources that will attract a variety of learners and in a variety of formats, the Destiny Collection playlist will be shared with you. Teachers can then share the playlist in a homework assignment, research assignment or as part of a class activity. *

An asset for all content areas, Destiny Collections is just one way we can provide our students with information they need as they navigate through this digital world. If you would like more information about this tool stop by the library. Information can also be shared in department meetings our grade level team meetings.

BCPL Loch Raven Branch will visit November 14-15

Members of the Loch Raven Branch of BCPL will visit our school to share online tools that students can use to increase their chances of scholastic success. There are numerous resources that our students have access to as BCPS students:

  • e-books
  • Language Resources, such as Mango and Rosetta Stone
  • World Book
  • Homework Helper
  • much, much more

Teachers will receive information regarding slots and times next week.

PROJLIT is coming to LRTA!

PROJLIT is a nationwide book club for students that is a proven way to engage students in reading. Focused on high interest titles which represent diverse viewpoints, the first meeting for the PROJLIT book club of LRTA will be November 15, 2018. Our focus for November and December will be books by Jason Reynolds and Kwame Alexander.

Any student who wishes to receive more information should see Ms. Love before or during homeroom. Parents and teachers are encouraged to participate, as well.

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Find a Buried Treasure in your School Library

Teachers, students and staff are invited to take part in the Find a Buried Treasure in the School Library initiative at LRTA. What is it?

The entire school community can take part. Teachers can schedule class visits for research or book talks. Parents can complete the BCPS Parent Library Card form. Students can share book reviews or testimonials about our library program. See the list of ideas below and contact Ms. Love to take part in the hunt to discover the treasures within our school library.


  • Schedule a class visit and bring the class in for a book talk and check out* = one entry into a raffle for the end of the Year
  • Schedule a class visit and bring a class in for a BCPS research related lesson* within your curriculum/Passion Based Learning project = equals two raffle tickets
  • Schedule a class visit and bring a class in to take part in a Ted-talk* inspired lesson related to your content area and current curricular focus = 3 raffle tickets
  • Schedule a class visit and let’s co-teach a lesson using one of the features of ClassFlow = four raffle tickets

School Community

o Donate new or gently used books for the upcoming book drive.*

o Check out a book from our school library and share your thoughts about the book with our school community the hashtags #LRTAreads #LRTALC

o Take part in the #TestimonialThursday initiative for our school library. Share one or more of the following:

o Collaborations with the library

o “Aha” moments in the classroom based on a collaborative effort

o Resources you’ve used to enhance your units


o Complete an online book review or submit a book review through Destiny.

o Representatives from Take part in our ProjLIT book club

o Donate new or gently used books for the upcoming book drive.

o Student testimonials about what they have discovered in the library, etc.


o Parent testimonials regarding our library program are welcome. Use the hashtag #LRTALC.

o Parents complete complete and return a BCPS Parent Library Card to Ms. Love.

o Donate new or gently used books for the upcoming book drive.

The prize? A $10 gift card.

Summer 2018: The Beginning of School (Volume 1)

New Beginnings

During the past 22 years, I've been an educator in BCPS. Reading, literacy, libraries, and students are my passion. I'm excited to begin my first year at Loch Raven Technical Academy as the library media specialist. The Library Center/Learning Commons will offer numerous opportunities for collaboration, engagement, exploration. Whether it's the community survey (see below) to get the input of students, staff, and parents or working with community partners, The Loch Raven Technical Academy Library Center (LRTALC) will strive to be a hub for learning.

As your library media specialist, I am willing to locate resources that students can use to connect their learning to the real world. From books (e-books and print) to technological resources, students and staff will have access numerous materials.


I am also interested in collaborating with teachers by co-teaching lessons or presenting lessons based on a need of the teacher and students. View LibraryTrac to see what dates are available and email me to set-up a time to discuss your ideas and curricular needs.

Teachers also have access to the Baltimore Sun for classroom use. Stay tuned for more information.


Stop by the library during your lunch time. See me in the morning, before homeroom, for a pass. Students with a valid pass can eat their lunch in the cafeteria and then come to the library to relax, read, chat or collaborate.


Get a parent library card and check-out books from our school library. Complete the form and return it to me. You should have your parent library card by November.


Please share your ideas regarding the library program at Loch Raven Technical Academy. Click here to access the survey. You can also click the logo below to view our wiki page and have access to our survey.

Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) and You

Students and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the library loan program. Thanks to a partnership initiated by the Office of Digital Learning, BCPS students can access various online databases, as well as check out books at their local BCPS branch. Whether students want to access language courses, get help with their homework or use one of the BCPL databases for research, BCPL has a number of resources that can enhance a student's level of success.

Thanks to a partnership with the Loch Raven branch of BCPL, our school library will provide several pop-up library events to correlate with community engagement programs. During the school year, we will also have presentations from representatives from BCPL to show students databases that will help them be successful inside and outside the classroom.

The benefits of this partnership aren't just for students. BCPL also offers a teacher loan program. This program allows teachers to request books for class projects, as well as the chance to check-out books at extended periods of time.

If you would like more information, please see me for more details. I look forward to collaborating with you.

Here are just a few of the resources available through BCPL.

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BCPL has resources for teachers, too.


BCPS has databases that teachers and students can use, as well. From research models, to approved online tools, we have it all. Created with safety and ease of use in mind, these databases meet the curricular needs students and teachers. See Ms. Love to get the password information for home use.


An online resource where a variety of tech tools and up-to-date news is shared.


Access print and non print materials. You can determine which books we have on the shelves, as well as locate e-books (individual and multi-person/class use), professional journals, and much more.

A few of the BCPS Databases

In the area below, are a few of the BCPS databases available to the BCPS family. Students and staff who wish to use these tools outside of school, should enter through BCPSOne. See Ms. Love get any passwords or usernames required for at home use.


We ended the school year strong with the #lastbell initiative. Working with members of the Science department, students were introduced to plugged and unplugged activities in the library. Using the information they learned in the lesson, as well as the knowledge they gained over the school year students were encouraged to use code to reinforce scientific topics.
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