A Message on School Attendance

Mornings can be hectic. Here some are tips.

Here are some strategies to help get your middle school student to school.

  • Take care of school business at night, not in the morning
  • Complete homework at night
  • Sign important papers and organize backpacks at night
  • Pack lunches at night
  • Make a space by the door for backpacks, jackets, shoes so they are ready to go
  • Plan outfits the night before
  • Set a regular bedtime. (Most children need 8-10 hours of sleep)
  • Create a bedtime routine that encourages gradual relaxation and sleep
  • Set an alarm as part of the bedtime routine
  • Create a step by step morning routine
If you are having difficulty getting your child to school, for any reason, please contact Lori Hartman Whitehall School Counselor at 231.893.1030.