More Peace

No War

No War

A world with no war would look like everybody playing and having fun. People would respect people. People would be saying good stuff about each other. Every would have more love and less hurt. Children would not be at places were there is war.

Kids Help The World

We could put posters around the country and people would help the world. Make a garden and help the environment. Stand up for your self. We should make peace. Children could tell their friends to tell their other friends to help the world.

Rights You Shoud Have

Everybody should have the right to go to school. People should be free. People should not care about what religion they are. People should be able to be the type of people they want to be. People should have the same rights as others. People should go to any store they want. People should be able to say what they feel. People should be able to be friends with others. People should be able to go to any restaurant.

School Learning

The united nation is an community that was made after world war two. It was for peas. It is for peoples writs. They made it for liberty. It was also made for no more war. The united nations made thirty rights and believes people should have.


9/11 was the day when two planes were crashed into the Twin Towers. The plane that crashed into Pennsylvania killed a lot of people . It was very sad. Another plane was crash

ed into the Pentagon a lot of people died. The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was going to the CIA or to the White House.


Peace means more love to give more hugs and kisses. People should get the same land as others. Should respected and get the same rights. Peace should be treated well.

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