By: Nicole, Miranda, Christine, Ashley H., Hailey

What is BaiBoard?

BaiBoard is a collaborative whiteboard. You can create, share, and collaborate on various content. Many educators use it to create education materials and share them with students/teachers.

Teach Your Kids Collaboration

A great way to incorporate teamwork in your lesson. Even when the kids go home for the day they can still collaborate with BaiBoard. The teamwork never stops! Group ideas can be saved onto BaiBoard or even linked to the classroom's website. The teacher can provide feedback using the chat feature.

How To Use BaiBoard

The dark blue paint blob is your color selection tool. The dash is your line thickness selection tool. The finger is the selection tool. The text icon is for inserting a text box. There are pen, marker, and eraser tools. You can insert lines and arrows to point out important information from text. There is a speech bubble tool with different shapes. The starred item is where you can find the stamps. You can import pictures and PDF files under the paperclip. The gear is where you can find web sharing abilities. You can export your whiteboard creation under the arrow button. Collaboration reminders are under the lined paper.

Get to Know Your BaiBoard Team

Ashley Hallberg, Christine Stech, Miranda Hulm, Nicole Hanson, Hailey Brevik