October 16, 2015

Mrs. Guild and Mrs. Sechrist

Social Studies & Science

The students worked on a budgeting activity about leisure time activities. The students listed several leisure activities and the cost of each. Next week, we will be planning a week long vacation. The students have been learning about the Earth's features. We covered the 7 continents, the four oceans, and Earth's rotation.

ELA & Math

We finished Chapter 2 (The Dark Years) and started reading Chapter 3 (Helen Teaches Herself). We learned about the steps for opening a checking account. We discussed the identification needed to open a bank account.

Deli Menu for Monday, October 19 - Crab Rangoon with Fried Rice

Please remember to dress appropriately for Deli and other work sites. Proper hygiene is required!

Important Reminders

The Box Top Challenge continues. Please save those box tops and bring them to school!

Spirit Week - Oct. 26 - 30th. More information coming soon.

The Yankee Candle Fundraiser packet was sent home this week for students who are interested in participating. The money is due Oct. 30.