Brown City 5th Grade nEws-Letter

Friday October 4, 2013

Math with Mr. Leipprandt

In math, we have been busy reviewing for the MEAP test. The math portion of the MEAP test will be taken on October 15th, so we still have a little time of review left. During these previous two weeks, we have covered area, perimeter, multi-digit multiplication, and converting units of measurement. Starting next week, we will jump into our fractions unit for a couple of months. This tends to be the toughest concept for students, so we will spend a lot of time, and use manipulatives throughout the unit. Please keep practicing your multiplication facts with your child. These are ESSENTIAL to know and will make math so much easier if they are all memorized.

Please check out my website link below. It has many resources to offer and has a pdf file of each math assignment we have done.

Science with Mrs. McClintic

In Science, we are continuing to review for the MEAP test and are also working on our kit, “Systems and Survival”. Right now we are focusing on the physical and behavioral adaptations that all living things use to survive in their environments. We've also focused on acquired and inherited traits and how those things play a role in survival. We will start learning about the animal kingdom next.

Reading with Mrs. Fuhrman

We are just finishing our MEAP review. They have worked very hard to prepare for this test. We will be taking our reading MEAP next week. I would just like for the students to enjoy their A/R books. Try and read with them for at least 15 minutes every night. They need 6 points by the end of October. Like I did last year, I will let you know about half way through the month how many points they have.

Social Studies with Miss Lange

In social studies, we just wrapped up our civilizations unit and will be jumping right into our Native Americans unit. We will be exploring the stories of many different cultures that stretch all the way from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. Students will discover how these Native Americans had to adapt to the land and resources available to them on a daily basis.

Upcoming Events

The MEAP test are scheduled for the following dates. Please see to it that your child gets here on time so we can administer the test to all students. Breakfast is always free and available, so please encourage them to eat each morning, especially on days of the MEAP.

MEAP Dates:

10-8-13 Reading MEAP Test

10-9-13 Reading MEAP Test

10-15-13 Math MEAP Test

10-24-13 Science MEAP Test

Upcoming Events:

10-9-13 Progress Reports will be sent home. Please sign and return them with questions or comments.

10-31-13 Fall costume parade at 1:30.

11-1-13 End of 1st Marking Period-No School

11-6-13 1/2 day of school-Parent Teacher Conferences

11-7-13 Parent Teacher Conferences

11-8-13 1/2 day of school

End of Day Procedures

If you are picking up your child from school, please stand by the office and wait for the bell to dismiss students.

Missing/Low Assignments

As the halfway point of the marking period is approaching, please see to it that your child turns in all of their work and redoes any low assignments. Any assignment can be redone, and always has "Redo" on it for students to see. Marking period grades tend to be low because of missing/low assignments.

Be On The Look-Out For....

Sunny D Labels-The library collects these and they are used to get free books for the library. Please be on the look-out for these.

Can Tabs- All classrooms are also having a can tab competition. Please take off all the tabs of your cans at work or at home and give to your child to bring in. The winning class will get a PIZZA PARTY!