By Lauren Burroughs


Eastern Canaan, present day Israel and parts of Palestine.

How did this spread?

The Hebrew people were the first to be brought up into is religion. Judaism doesn't have missionaries like other religions such as Christianity. Many Jews were brought up into a Jewish family rather than being converts. One main way that Judaism spread was through Jewish people being pushed out of their territory and into other places. This resulted in the influence of their culture and beliefs on other people groups and did result in converts.

Where is this most influential?

Judaism is most influential today in Israel and parts of Middle East and the U.S.

How many adherents?

About 14 million

Monotheistic or polytheistic?

This is a monotheistic religion

Major deities

They have one, Yaweh

Founder and time

Judaism is believed to had started when God made a covenant with Abraham in 2000 B.C.


The Torah, Talmud, Tanakh

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Religious leadership

There is no hierarchy leadership in present day Judaism. The religious leaders are all part of a community of rabbis. In ancient times religious hierarchy was based off of the teachings in their bible.


Jews believe in one god and that he has promised a messiah to come in the future and that he will descend from King David. They believe that through good works and deed that they can receive salvation. They are to recite three mandated prayers each day, and recite blessings after awaking before meals and before sleep. All new born Jewish boys are required to be circumcised eight days after birth, they believe that anyone who isn't, is not accepted. They strictly go by ancient Jewish laws and rituals.