6.6 & 6.7

Rational Exponents and Radical Equations

by Becky Belisle

6.6 Rational Exponents

A base raised to a rational exponent can be expressed as a radical. The denominator of the rational exponent is the index of the radical, the base is the radicand, and the base of the radicand is raised to the power of the numerator. The rules of operations on radicals and exponents still apply.
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6.7 Radical Equations

1) Isolate the radical on one side of the equation.

2) Raise each side of the equation to the power of the index of the radical.

3) Solve.

4) Check for extraneous solutions.

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Rational Exponents- the denominator of the exponent is the index and the base is raised to the numerator in the radicand

Radical Equations- solve normally after isolating and eliminating the radical; check for extraneous solutions

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