Nurse Anesthetist

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What is a Nurse Anethetist?

A Nurse Anesthetist are advanced practice nurses who safely provide anesthetics for surgical, obstetrical, and trauma care each year in the United States.

Steps to becoming a Nurse Anesthetist

1) You need to start with a bachelors degree in nursing and an RN license

2) From there you need to get experience- at least a year or two spent as an actual RN. This mainly includes working in the ICU or the emergency room.

3) After that, you will need to go back for a Masters of Science and Nursing degree.

4) Once you have become and CRNA, you will have to re-certify every two years to make sure you are still qualified for the job.

How much do they make?

On average, a Nurse Anesthetist makes over $157,000 a year. They make over $46.00 an hour.


1) Duke University- $1495 per credit

2) Virginia Commonwealth University- $10,258 per year

3) University of Pittsburgh- $42,072 per year (out of state)


The job outlook for a Nurse Anesthetist is excellent. There is a high demand for nurse anesthetists not only now, but in the future as well.
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Career Profile - Nurse Anesthetist