Great friends bring happiness

Rylie Wiscombe 1-2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

After Max & Freak really got to know each other they became great friends. The setting helps them because, they went on quests and bonded. Gram & the fair Gwen got them together at first. At school Freak helped Max with his learning. Another thing that was good to their friendship was when Freak came and saved Max from his dad. When Freak died Max was having a really hard time letting go. He didn't want to come out of his room. In the book Grim says to Max, "You know what? Most of us go all the way through life and we never have a friend like Kevin. So maybe you should count yourself lucky."

Reflection and Application of theme

I think this is a good theme because friendship is really important. I think the author developed the theme very nicely. At first Max and Freak didn't like each other, then they started hanging out. That grew into something really big. The author did well on making their relationship grow not too fast and not too slow. I think it is relevant to our generation because, lots of us have great bonds with our best friends. We want to do everything together with our best friends. Most of us need a friend to keep us from falling down, and to stay with us when we need it. I like to have my friends close so that they can support me. My generation stays close to their friends and does not ever let them go.


In the beginning, this boy named Max never does anything. He does not have any friends, he just stays in his dark bedroom downstairs. He lives with his grandparents Grim and Gram. One day two people move in by them. The woman that just moved in, invites Max over because she has a boy his age. During dinner they have a great time together. After that they start hanging out a lot more, and go on many quests. They run into conflicts along the way but, it just helps them become stronger and close together. In the end they are so close they are always there to help each other.

About the author

The author of the book Freak the mighty is Rodman Philbrick. He is an American writer of novels for adults and children. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently lives in Maine and Florida. He has gotten awards for some of his books. The John Newbery medal, and the Shamus award for best original P.I. paperback. Rodman has also gotten an nomination for Dorothy canfield children's book award. He has been writing novels since the age of sixteen.