Spotlight on Willis Techy Teachers!

Volume X- April 11, 2014

Technology is getting really exciting in Willis!

A lot has happened with technology over the last several weeks. Eight teachers at the High School, six teachers at Brabham and six teachers at Lynn Lucas received classroom sets of Asus Transformer Tablets. If you feel like you've been missing us, don't worry we've been missing you too! Now that all of the tablets are distributed you will be seeing us a lot more. Even though we have been super busy, that hasn't stopped some of our techy teachers!

PowToon! Featuring: Ms. Nancy Johnson

Brabham has started a new enrichment program this year called XLR8. Ms. Johnson's XLR8 class focused on career research. Each student had to research at least 5 careers. Their research had to include degree requirements, salary, tasks and conditions. After gathering all of their research, each student had to create a PowToon with all of their information. The conclusion of Ms. Johnson's class will end with a "Job Fair" where each student will present their PowToon to the class. To view one of her students' presentations, please click the button below.

Nearpod! Featuring: Mrs. Diana Kimberly

We love it when we have teachers or administrators come to us with new technology tools. A couple of months ago, Mrs. Kimberly approached one of the iCoaches about Nearpod. If you are not familiar with Nearpod, it will change your world. Nearpod allows teachers to digitally share presentations with students, while controlling the content being viewed. The students can not move ahead of the teacher or fall behind because the teacher has all of the power. We love Nearpod and we love Mrs. Kimberly for telling us about it!

Animoto! Featuring: Ms. Pam Wong

Ms. Wong, a Reading Teacher at Brabham, also used technology in her XLR8 classes. Her students were reading and researching about constellations. Each student was responsible for finding information and pictures to represent each constellation and then put it all together in an Animoto video. To view an example, click the button below.

Nearpod! (again!) Featuring: Mrs. Dana Schultz

Mrs. Schultz’s fifth-graders are using Nearpod for lessons about Saltwater Ecosystems on their electronic devices. Students were using either classroom Nexus 7 tablets or their own devices. Now that you have seen us mention Nearpod twice, I am sure you all want to learn about it. Please see the Kat Tech Calendar for upcoming trainings on this topic.

New Websites We Love!

One of our Techy Teacher friends has requested that we share websites that we have found to be useful. We will try and send some out each week. Here is our list for this week:

Nearpod (obviously) - if you have devices, this site will change your life

Flippity - this site allows you to turn a google spreadsheet into flashcards. These flashcards can also be accessed on tablets.

KeepVid - Did you ever need to keep that youtube video? Now you can. Go to KeepVid, paste the link for your video and you will be given multiple options to download the video. It also works with other video sites like vimeo.

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