Holmquist's News and Notes

January 18 - January 22

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 19. Yesterday ILT met with our Area Supt. Ava Montgomery for our campus mid-year review. The meeting went very well and it gave ILT an opportunity to reflect on the sttenghts of our campus and areas that we need to grow. It also put in perspective all of the great things that "we" continue to do as a campus. HOLMQUIST has a tradition of going above and beyond to meet the need of all of our students and I'm so proud of the dedication and commitment that is given each day. I believe in each of you and I believe that our students can perform at high levels and I'm looking forward to seeing the growth during our next data meeting. We will share our notes from the meeting next week. We are a team and we must continue to behave like one in all areas of the building and helping when there is a need. Every student belongs to every staff member in this building. Thanks for all that you do and enjoy your three day weekend.

Literacy Make and Take Session- We will focus on Vocabulary, Reading Response, and Word Study Stations.

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 3:45pm

Holmquist LGI

Who: Language Arts Teachers

When: January 25, 2016 3:40-5:40

Please register using the link.


Shout Outs

  • Ms. Kucharski using E-Colors with her students and theywere excited to discuss their colors
  • Ms. Pitrucha engaging her students through C-E-R and a hands on experiment
  • Mr. Endsley and Mr. Bryant are working hard with our Kingsmen group of boys.
  • Ms. Stewart small group rotations and small group instruction were in full effect yesterday and her students were working
  • Ms. Solis and Ms. Dennis helping put during dismissal
  • Ms. Phillips is always consistent with her small group instruction and her students enjoy working with her.
  • The Dual Language parent night event was a huge turnout. Our students presented well and students enjoyed showing off there work! Way to go Ms. Cavazos
  • DL teachers for preparing for the showcase night and preparing their students.
  • Brian, Aimee, Adrea, Rasolyn, Debbie, Linda, Marilyn, Denise and supporting DL teachers for setting up and serving
  • Kelli and Belinda for their presence
  • Aimee for coordinating organized STAT, teachers for being
  • Paras for covering classes whenever they are needed
  • Thank you Ms. Upshaw for bringing Paraprofessional of the Year to Holmquist! What a great way to show our paraprofessionals we appreciate the work they do!
  • Ms. Middletown students did an excellent job on their project and displayed their work in the library.
  • Ms. Moran for organizing the Children's Museum event and tracking our parent surveys
  • Ms. Cavazos for helping Amy out during her last days here by picking up items for her.
  • LPAC members for knowing our LEP students and reporting on them.

    Mr. Tobon, ms. Karouni, ms Esparza, ms. Sanchez, ms spellicy, ms cortinas, ms. Rios (SIOP cohort) for observing one another, receiving more SIOP training, being coached, and coaching one another. Ms siddiqui for coordinating observations.

    Ms. Alexander, ms. Polk, ms. Nguyen for attending The Writing Academy and bringing back information to guide your teams. - All from Cavazos

On Time Club - you may wear jeans Tues. Jan 19th - Please pick up Jeans Pass from Ms. Toney

Dennison, Martinez, Kutiev, Baez-Salazar, Reyna, Hite, Polk, Tracy, Ejiogu, Glover, Shirkey, Nyan, Amador, Pitrucha, Stewart, Kucharksi, Chavoya, Cortinas, Rios, Ortiz, Tadesse, Jacson, Bourda, Esparza, Revenaugh, Washington, Cheng, Monroy, Ponder, McKenzie, McElyea, Arenstein, Cavazos, Moreno, Eberle, Solis, Matinrazm, Maciel, Rodriquez

Hot Topics

  • Recess- review common area lesson plans- structured recess is a must. Warm up activity- can be led by teacher or students, structured play led by teacher, cool down...activities jumping jacks, stretching, jog in place, races, duck, duck goose
  • No balls should be brought from home unless the teacher is physically involved in the activity due to safety reasons
  • Restroom Expectations
  • No Restroom use after 2:45, unless it is an emergency. Start talking to your students and monitor logs. Voting will happen in regards to approving lesson plans
  • Lunch Duty- lunch duty is to monitor your students during this time. Do not sit or stay stationery to eat your lunch or leave the cafeteria to warm your food. Those things are to be done during your breakm
  • Arrive to your duty on time whether arrival or dismissal. Both areas require team work. Are you doing your part. Staff should not be sitting or standing in the same area and ongoing talking between staff member while kids are talking or present.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, January 18, 2016

MLK Holiday

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

EDC 88

Petrosky Cohort - Kimberly

FAME Meeting - 3:40 p.m.

Biometric Screening Deadline- Please sign up before this date

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EDC 89

LA Consultant - Sam Bennett

AP Meeting

Thursday, January 21, 2016

EDC 90

90th Day of School

Dress in 90s Attire

Principal Meeting

LA Consultant - Sam Bennett

Wellness Meeting

Children's Museum

Happy Birthday Ms. Woolridge

Friday, January 22, 2016

EDC 91

Speech/ICS Grade Check 8:00 a.m.

Progress Reports Due - 7:30

Saturday, January 23

Math Lead Teacher Meeting - 8-4

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students