Miss Brown's Bulletin

Week of March 21-25

Student Voice Survey

On Wednesday the students will be completing a survey to share their feelings about their experience at Cartmell. The survey is anonymous, but if you would NOT like your child to participate, please complete the form in Monday folders and send it back to school.

*This form is only to be completed if you do not want your child taking the survey.

Spring Artist Showcase

The Spring Artist Showcase will be Thursday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. Each morning our class sings a song with a positive message to build community and start our day in a positive way. The students have decided they would like to perform this at the showcase so Mrs. Howard will be coming for an audition this Friday! If we make it, students have to complete a form stating you approve them to be in the showcase. You are also committing that you will bring them the night of the event to perform. These will come home in folders. Please fill them out and send them in if you are willing to let your child participate.

Important Dates/Events

  • Monday: New Special
  • Wednesday: Student Voice Survey
  • Friday: Showcase Audition
  • Sunday: Easter

We Are Learning To...

Language Arts

In Writing the students are working on creating a fictional narrative. Ask your kiddo about their characters, setting, problem and solution.

In Reading we will be wrapping up our unit and beginning a new one. Our newest unit's theme is water. Students will be looking at a variety of nonfiction text this week to learn more about water and use the text to answer questions and determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.


We will be wrapping up our unit on area and moving onto our 5th unit of the year: fractions. We will assess area mid-week so ask your kiddo about their score. Also, look for a Topic A newsletter about fractions later this week so you can see what your child will be learning and tips for how to help at home.