History of computers

Everything you need to know about our digital world.


History of computers.

Did you ever wonder who invented the internet? Do you know what is under the lid of your computer?

We will explain the history of computers and where it all started.

  • Who invented our digital world.
  • The first computers.
  • What is inside a computer.

Tim Berners Lee and the World Wide Web.

Tim Burner Lee was born on June 8th 1955 in London and he is age 60.Tim is well known for inventing the WWW.

WWW is short for world wide web.

Tim has lots of famous quotes here are some of his quotes.

Web users ultimately want to get at data quickly and easily. They don't care as much about attractive sites and pretty design.

Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.

Sites need to be able to interact in one single, universal space.



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Tim Berners Lee,who is an inventor,invented the WWW.


Apple is one of the most popular shops to sell devices and they have sold lots of divices.

Work that we have done about computers

This is some of the work that we have done about computers in lessons and it has facts about computers on it as well.
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Computer Basics: Inside a Desktop Computer

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage was born on the 26 December 1791 in London,England.

He died on the 18 October 1871 (Aged 79) Marylebone,London,England.