Buckaroo Bulletin

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This Week~

Monday, September 26~

  • Second Six Weeks begins
  • Salad Luncheon
  • Johnny Appleseed Day :)
  • Goal Setting meetings begin-check your email
  • 504-Baxley
  • PLC-3:45

Tuesday, September 27~

  • ARD-Coplen
  • 504 meetings all day

Wednesday, September 28~

  • Where ya headed Day
  • More goal setting meetings

Thursday, September 29~

  • Second grade collaboration
  • Report Cards Go HOME!

Friday, September 30~

  • Buckaroo Spirit Day
  • Spirit Store
  • No game tonight

Parent Conference Day is Coming!

Start scheduling your conferences with parents. Remember, our hours for October 10 will be 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


They are why we do what we do!

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Shout Outs!

Kellie and Maria~They are always willing to do whatever is asked of them!

Third Grade Teachers~Working to make everyone feel a part of the team.

Sonia and Mayra~working so hard to get 2nd and 3rd grade students back and forth to their classrooms and for adjusting to a new way of teaching.

Monica~Thanks for covering Mrs. Brown's class while she went to the doctor.

Amanda~Man, she knows her stuff! Thanks for being our dyslexia specialist!

Richard~Flexibility! One day computer, one day library, one day math bingo! (sometimes all in the SAME day!)

PV, Harris, Thurman~What would we do without you???

Are YOU Working in the Power Zone?


Growth Minset for Students

Growth Mindset for students - Episode 5/5

Love and Logic~Inspiring High Achievement

We can't make young people excited about learning… but we can create homes and classrooms where they are inspired to develop this passion from the inside out. Do we desire kids who always require outside-in motivation or kids who have it from the inside out?

When we slide toward the cliff of trying to make kids into highly motivated students, we take on the task of trying to control someone else. Because we can only control our own behavior… and that's quite difficult as well… we find ourselves becoming more and more frustrated with the child and ourselves. It doesn't take long for all of this frustration to push us toward counterproductive behaviors such as threats, lectures, punishment, begging, bribing, and taking more responsibility than the child for learning.

Inspiring high achievement is a puzzle of many pieces. An essential piece involves inspiring by modeling. That is, demonstrating our own excitement and commitment to four key achievement-essential values:

• Curiosity

• Willingness to take healthy risks

• Perseverance

• An awareness that paying dues earlier in life leads to more contentment later on

These values are most effectively transmitted when our children overhear us describing our real-life experiences. Kids are far more likely to listen when we are talking to someone else just within earshot. They are also far more likely to internalize these lessons when they see that we are positive and passionate about the experience. At least once or twice a week, let them overhear a story like the following:

I've always been so curious about the software that some of the people are using at work. It's actually a bit complicated… I spent most of Monday afternoon trying to get it to work and couldn't. It's taken me a week to figure out how to create the spreadsheets the right way, but it seems like I'm starting to get it. I felt like giving up, but now I see how great it's going to work. That's exciting! I guess it's like everything else… if it's worth doing and makes life better, it's probably going to be a bit tough in the short term.

Up and Coming


3-7-ISIP testing (talk with students beforehand about growth and goals)

3-TTESS walkthrough at 9:30



4-Budget Summit-NLT

5-Where ya headed Wednesday (college colors)

6-3rd collaboration (with Art2Go)

10-Parent Conference Day

13-2nd collaboration (with Art2Go)

17-Laser Science @2:00 Gym

17-PLC at 3:45

18-Noah Project during PE

20-3rd grade collaboration

21-Picture Day!!

25-Buckaroo Book Night at the stadium 6-8 pm

26-Harlem Wizards promotion, 1:30 in the gym

27-Second Grade collaboration

30-Harlem Wizards!!!!