Life in the 1700s

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Music was all instrumental and had few vocals at this time. Composers were well known back then, and many of their pieces are still played today. There were few operas, but symphony orchestras were a popular form of entertainment.

Art in the 1700s

In the 1700s, paintings and art had changed from work that expresses emotion, to portraits of fierce rulers, in which the art showed their brave side.

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This is a painting called, "The Happy Accidents of the Swing." This is one of the paintings that showed an emotion that the onlooker can see. This was painted around 1770.


Included: Handel and Bach who ended the baroque period and started the Rococo

Description of Music: storytelling music, religious theme, many solo instruments

Time Period: 1600-1750s


Included: Bach, Mozart

Description: simple harmonies and short melodies, appealed to the aristocrats, graceful style

Time Period: mid 18th century

Peasant Life

Peasants were farm workers and worked for other nobles on their property. They had just enough money to pay for food, but I was a very difficult social class to be in. In the 1700s regions were divided in social classes. The peasants were at the bottom. Many rulers tried to make society equal for the upper and lower classes, but it really never seemed to work. Peasants and people of the lower class, were allowed to attend church festivities but did not participate in any forms of entertainment or activities that costed any money.
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Art in the 1800s

Art in the 1900s