Is Air pollution controlling us?

How Does Air Pollution affect you?

When I first thought of pollutants I thought of the lungs however, it turns out just as horrible if not worse for the heart and circulatory system according to the Harvard Health letter. And you guessed it on the days when air pollution levels are high there are more heart attacks,strokes,heart failure,and lung trouble putting more people in hospitals. A Rise in Air pollution are linked to a decrease in lung function and a increase in heart attacks. High levels of air pollution affect people with asthma and people with lung or heart disease more than a normal human being. It can affect women that are pregnant too! Dr,Bradley S. Peterson has done a good amount of research and found pregnant women and children are being exposed to environmental insults causing brain injuries and much more.

Preventing Air Pollution!

Prevention and ways to be a advocate for your community

-stop smoking

- make sure house is well ventilated

-check air quality

-Go green!


Ways we are improving the visual environment

-we have came up with a regional haze program to address visibility impairment in national parks and the wilderness

-we are finding new ways everyday to help our environment

The death sentence or fairy world?

What happens if you dont help save the environment? Well you may not be living in another 30 years and whos fault would it be? YOURS because you did not help save the environment.

What happens if you do? well you will be living a more healthy life style and prancing around the world happily enjoying yourself.


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