Need a New "Neck Candy"?

Booking Blitz Week!!!

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Bringing Bling Back from Hoopla for YOU!!!

Can't make it to Hoopla? You are going to miss one helluvah party!! This will be my 4th Hoopla and I can't imagine not ever going!
It's my excuse to get away with the girls, leave the kids for a few days with daddy and just party like it's 1999!!!!

I will continue to enjoy my summer but I will also still work my business because noone else will!!! I wish it were that easy. ;)
I will finish reaching out to my Dot Dollar customers for one last call out to spend their coupon codes before I take off on Tuesday a.m.!

Well if you can't join, you can at least participate in the FUN!!!

"Neck Candy" up for grabs!!! Who's up for the challenge? (Please read the rules carefully)!

WHO IS READY for some NEW FALL "NECK Candy"??!!

Running from Sunday, July 13th through the end of HOOPLA (July 20th), make your business work for you through the summer!!

Book up 4 dates!! Why is this the week to BOOK? With all of the momentum leading up to the new line release...NOW is the time!!

Details Are...

  • Book 4 trunk shows (all in home trunk shows, pop up shops, style sessions, vendor shows, your OWN fall launch show COUNT..... online shows do NOT count)
  • The dates of the shows have to be between July 13th and August 31st.
  • Put the 4 trunk shows in the system by midnight EST Sunday July 20th
  • Everyone who books 4 will be entered into a drawing to win!
  • Winner will be announced Monday July 21st
  • ALL TRUNK SHOWS IN SYSTEM from July 13th ALREADY COUNT- Yahoo!!!!!!

    A Facebook Thread on our team page will be started and you can POST your trunk show dates!!
    Not on Facebook, click on our team page to add yourself:

Up for Grabs!

The Pearl Gems team coming to Hoopla will pick the Statement piece we all love the most and I will draw for it on July 21st!!!
WAHOOOOO!!! We will post on our team page!

You have 1 FULL week to reach out!!
What would you say and who would you reach out to if it meant something you wanted really bad was on the line?

Words to Say!

Hi Sue!
I hope you are enjoying your summer so far! And I hope you are still loving your Mallorca pendant!
Here's something to smile earned $25 Dot Dollars last month when you shopped with me at Elana's! Just a quick note to let you know it EXPIRES TOMORROW NIGHT!
For every $50 you put in your cart you can apply one $25 code. So essentially you can get $50 of fabulous accessories for $25!! Here is a link to my site:
Still many GREAT SALE items on!!

Here is your code:

My personal obsessions:

Best Day to Night.....

Gotta Have Bag (for all your summer & travel needs):

Happy Shopping! Sneak peek into Fall!! I'd love to do a Fall trunk show with you and some girlfriends if you are interested! Booking August & Sept. now!
SUPER simple & fun! I provide invites to you! My hostesses earn an average of $250 in FREE jewels PLUS shopping at 50% off!!
xo Claudia

Glam Getaway QuickStart Prize

Qualify with 2500 points (only 1000 points have to come from your own personal sales, the rest from sponsoring and launching your stylists strong or promoting to another level)!! You will earn the NEW Hanging jewelry case!!!!
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Hoopla Bound and Ready to Rock the Summer!!

Always happy to help coach any Pearl Gems!!
Get out there and be BOLD, STRONG and Amazing!!!!!