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We are an average family with a love for aquariums. We currently have four aquariums housing several Fancy Tailed Guppies, and still counting. Each fish is carefully cared for and can be placed in a home at any time.

Our colors come in a small range. Each fish has a different price.

If you are interested in purchasing a Fancy Tailed Guppy, you can contact us through Email or Phone.

Contact Us

PHONE: (812) 557-5352 or (812) 557-5075



Prices for the Guppies range in Size, Shape, Color, and Sex.

Rare Guppies: $2

Regular Male Guppies: $1.50

Regular Female Guppies: $1.00

It is required for Health and Safety of the Guppies, to purchase at least 3 or more.

These fish are non-aggressive and cannot be placed with aggressive fish.

Large quantity purchases depends on the size of your tank.

Shipping & Handling

For health and concern for fish safety, we transport our own fish to you or your business. We only transport to surrounding areas of Southern Indiana up to 25 miles for free, Anything over a 25 miles, buyer is responsible for shipping and handling fees.


Do to the low cost of our fish, we cannot offer refunds.

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