Web Links to Useful Resources

Term 1 Week 4 2013

Melinda's Favourite Sites

21st Century Learning Snapshot
A comprehensive site that you can get lost in for hours! Sign up for the newsletter for regular updates. As the site is so comprehensive, I will single out specific pages of interest later in this Smore.

CNPS2 Learning for Australian Curriculum
Another comprehensive site. Particularly good for units of work to use as starting points or inspiration for your programming. Email site owner for any documents that are password protected and she will provide you with the needed codes.

Get Smart
Copacabana P.S website has a bank of links and resources

NSW Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum
Easy to access and the program builder can be a great resource to build, save and share your programs or units of work with other teachers

Resources for teaching English

Literacy continuum K-10
Probably not new to you but great to view online as there are links to teaching ideas etc to assist with your planning and teaching.

The Literacy Shed
Again, not a new resource but great for using multimedia resources to teach comprehension, writing etc.

Suggested Texts for the English K-10 Syllabus
Link to PDF document

The Premier's Reading Challenge
Great book lists available in a range of forms to guide you in selecting texts for your students or to work with them towards completing the 2014 challenge.

CNPS2 - NSW English
A few resources (including a 58 minute YouTube clip) to assist with orientation of new English Curriculum

Resources for teaching mathematics

The Mathematics Shed
Sister site to the literacy shed.

Mathematics - Learning 21st Century Snapshot
Some resources are AC specific but most are relevant.

CNPS2 - NSW Maths
Again, more links to valuable resources

Numeracy Continuum
Nothing new, but viewing the resource online provides easy access to specific aspects and is easy to access from home when programming - save carting your poster back and forth!

Resources for other KLAS

ABC Splash
Short video clips arranged into suggested stages available for a range of topics. Easy to search. Interactive games also available.

SMART Exchange
A resource that is getting better as teachers share their SMART notebook resources. Create a free account to search the resources, view, download and edit to suit your teaching needs.

Easy to search by subject, stage and learning object required. You need to be logged into the portal to access teacher resources. New resources and lessons being added regularly. For example, 12 Primary Connections science units have just been made available for free via TaLe. A link to them is available here if you don't have time to search TaLe at the moment! Scroll to the bottom of the linked page and download as individual units or as a whole group.

NAPLAN resource links

Email ME!

This Smore is a trial to see if it is useful in assisting you with your teaching and learning programs. If you find it helpful and / or would like to suggest resources and links, please let me know and I will create the resource on a more regular basis - perhaps I'll aim for twice a term.
:) Melinda