Evan Blair

Ceramics I

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Sunday Cabin

I created this project with the outdoors in mind and the cozy feeling of a warm cabin. An obstacle I overcame was the design of the shingles; For I had nothing to base the shingles on and I came up with this technique as I was applying the chimney. I wouldn't change anything if I had to do this over. I would however, add more detail to my exsiting project. For one my original idea was to give a wooden texture on the walls, as I got further into my project I also wanted to make windows on each side to give the proper balance to my piece.
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The Factory

I made this piece because steampunk is something that interests me. I reviewed my sketches, and this looked like the most difficult and most intriguing design of mine. Making the gears and chain were my greatest challenge in this piece. Two things I would do differently on this would be, one the design and quality of the chain. Two, the flow of the pressure gauge, for it needs an elbow pipe to connect to another pipe that runs to the gauge.
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John Deweese Pottery

In this I see an antler, a deeply stressed pumpkin texture, and smoothness. It has flow it keeps the eye moving, and it has verying textures. This piece must have been during a darker time for it has no verying color but, includes a various display of textures. This piece is a definate sucess for it has verying shades of gray and radiant textures.
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A slave is being auctioned off. The piece has balance, unity, and symetry. This piece, while it was being made, must have had the thought of plantions and auctions in mind of slaves. It is sucessful because it you don't get caught up on any one demension that is off, for this piece is well demesioned. While you look you see a man awaiting his freedom and later he got it.